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hatreds, plural;
  1. Intense dislike or ill will
    • - racial hatred
    • - his murderous hatred of his brother

  1. hate: the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action
  2. Hatred (or hate) is an intense feeling of dislike. It may occur in a wide variety of contexts, from hatred of inanimate objects or animals, to hatred of oneself or other people, entire groups of people, people in general, existence, or everything. ...
  3. Hatred (Ненaвисть) is a 1975 Soviet film directed by Samvel Gasparov.
  4. The pleasant and confident feeling of despising others who had nothing to do with causing my demise.
  5. the most sublime force in life. To love is to surrender; to hate is to carry on.
  6. n. The coward's response to the unknown.
  7. A number of things give demons a foothold in our lives or, as some put it, open the door for demonic oppression. The main door openers appear to be our response to trauma in early life, involvement in the occult, and sin. ...
  8. cawluq, duşmanlıq, körüb bolmawluq
  9. Hatred is inveterate anger.