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Not able or likely to cause harm,
  1. Not able or likely to cause harm
    • - the venom of most spiders is harmless to humans
  2. Inoffensive
    • - as an entertainer, he's pretty harmless

  1. not causing or capable of causing harm; "harmless bacteria"; "rendered the bomb harmless"
  2. (harmlessly) in a harmless manner; "this is a harmlessly childish game"
  3. (Harmlessness) A state of consciousness in which one’s thoughts, feelings, desires, words and actions are in harmony with the Divine Plan and Purpose.
  4. A double shot of espresso and non-fat milk.
  5. If you want a decaf espresso, just say you want it "harmless."
  6. performs subtractive synthesis using an additive synthesis engine^[16]
  7. means something that could not hurt anyone. What's the word?
  8. not able or not likely to cause harm.