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handouts, plural;
  1. Something given free to a needy person or organization
    • - hundreds of thousands of refugees subsist on international handouts
  2. Printed information provided free of charge, esp. to accompany a lecture or advertise something
    • - she was shocked when she saw a one-page handout condemning her campaign

  1. an announcement distributed to members of the press in order to supplement or replace an oral presentation
  2. giving money or food or clothing to a needy person
  3. A worksheet, leaflet, or pamphlet that is given out (usually by hand) for a certain use; A gift to the poor or needy
  4. (Handouts) Printed materials used during a presentation. Appearance is very important. Distribution timing depends on the purpose and desired audience interaction.
  5. (Handouts) Printed pages that display slide contents. Handouts can be set to display one, two, three, four, six, or nine slides per page.
  6. (Handouts) These are useful devices that help faculty to assist trainees in organizing and memorizing the information that is being disseminated. ...
  7. Handouts are smaller versions of your slides that are printed and can be distributed to the audience.
  8. A hard copy text which supports, expands on, organises or otherwise provides follow up to a presentation or course.
  9. Written information (report etc) given to people at a presentation
  10. Supporting information to be used by the learner as reference material in a training program.
  11. Informative or educational material given to the audience at the speaker’s presentation. Handouts often are in flyer form. The term, however, refers to any material that is handed out to the audience.
  12. A handout is any paper that you give to your audience. PowerPoint has several layout options for such handouts.
  13. a paper with important information—e.g., from your teacher
  14. The player who is receiving the serve. Also in doubles when the serve is lost by the teams first server. The serve then goes over to their partner.