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halved, past tense; halved, past participle; halving, present participle; halves, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Divide into two parts of equal or roughly equal size
    • - peel and halve the pears
  2. Reduce or be reduced by half
    • - profits are expected to halve after a tail-off in new customers
    • - his pledge to halve the deficit over the next four years
  3. Share (something) equally with another person
    • - she insisted on halving the bill
  4. Use the same number of strokes as one's opponent and thus tie (a hole or match)

  5. Fit (crossing timbers) together by cutting out half the thickness of each

  1. divide by two; divide into halves; "Halve the cake"
  2. (Halves) One half is the irreducible fraction resulting from dividing one by two (½), or any number by its double; multiplication by one half is equivalent to division by two. It is the fraction occurring most often in mathematical equations, recipes, measurements, etc. ...
  3. (Halves (band)) Halves are a post-rock Irish band based in Dublin, Ireland.
  4. (Halving) In mathematics, division by two or halving has also been called mediation or dimidiation. The treatment of this as a different operation from multiplication and division by other numbers goes back to the ancient Egyptians, whose multiplication algorithm used division by two as one of ...
  5. (The Halves) Half Life Half Death, or "The Halves," was an obscure Filipino alternative rock band that existed from 1988 to 2003.
  6. (halved) When a match is played without a decision. A hole is "halved" when both sides play it in the same number of strokes
  7. (halved) A golf match that ends in a tie. Typically both teams will split the points normally awarded to the match winner. A hole may also be halved when each team finishes it with the same score.
  8. (Halves) Also called "Periods"; the game is split into two 45-minute segments, or "halves".
  9. (Halves) Lobsters weighing 680 to 800 grams (1.5 to 1.75 lb.)
  10. (Halves) bet on the 1st or 2nd half of numbers on the Roulette wheel.
  11. (Halving) To reduce the amount of all ingredients in a recipe to make only half the amount.
  12. (Halving) Notching together two timbers which cross each other, so deeply that the joint thickness shall equal only that of one whole timber.
  13. (Halving) Square tesserae are often cut into halves to produce rectangular pieces, often used for border designs and in set pieces for setting up a bonded brick or herringbone pattern.
  14. (Halving) The name given to cross-joints, in which half of the timber in each piece is cut away.
  15. (Halving) joint Way of creating a flat join in crossing timbers by cutting out a half thickness from each piece.
  16. Term used to describe when opposing competitors or teams shoot the same score on a hole.
  17. a tie on a given hole in match play