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haircuts, plural;
  1. The style in which a person's hair is cut

  2. An act of cutting a person's hair

  3. A reduction in the stated value of an asset in order to determine the collateral or market value

  4. The amount, usually a percentage, by which an asset is reduced
    • - what is the haircut on Foreign Denominated Securities Positions for the Euro?
  5. Any ad hoc reduction in value
    • - if you paid in dollars, they were going to give you a haircut of about 20 percent

  1. the style in which hair has been cut
  2. the act of cutting the hair
  3. A hairstyle, hairdo, or haircut refers to the styling of head hair. The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles.
  4. Haircut is a studio album released by George Thorogood. It was released in 1993 on Capitol Records. The album peaked at #120 on the Billboard 200.
  5. In finance, a haircut is a percentage that is subtracted from the par value of the assets that are being used as collateral. However, the lender has a lien for the entire asset. The size of the haircut reflects the perceived risk associated with holding the assets.
  6. The Haircut is a 1982 American short drama film directed by Tamar Simon Hoffs. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival.
  7. (Haircuts) Losses suffered by bond investors.
  8. (1) In determining whether assets meet capital requirements, a percentage reduction in the stated value of assets. (2) In computing the worth of assets deposited as collateral or margin, a reduction from market value.
  9. When a lender wants to end a transaction in advance, it often will accept a reduction in principal or interest accrued (i.e., a haircut) in order to be paid out in cash.
  10. The loss of asset value for a creditor when a debtor defaults and then renegotiates downward the value of the loan. Sizable haircuts have been often been experienced by international lenders as the result of debt and financial crises.
  11. The margin or difference between the actual market value of a security and the value assessed by the lending side of a transaction.
  12. 1. The reduction of value to securities used as collateral in a margin loan. That is, when one places securities as collateral, the brokerage making the loan treats them as being worth less than they actually are, so as to give itself a cushion in case its market price decreases.2. ...
  13. typically used to describe a down round.  When you have to raise money at a lower valuation then your previous round, your previous investors will be "taking a haircut".  Basically an unrealized financial loss. ...
  14. Losses incurred by a lender when a debtor is spared from having to repay all the debt it owes, as part of an agreed restructuring. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to give private banks a haircut over Greece. The prospect of one prompts banks to charge higher lending rates to the country.
  15. The amount by which the market value of the collateral is reduced to account for price volatility and liquidity. Also known as the valuation percentage.
  16. Mike got a haircut right before the Rutgers game in 2006. That's all we have to say about that.
  17. An additional margin of collateral for a loan.
  18. A term that is used in several different markets. It normally refers to a deposit of cash or collateral that is used to secure a transaction and thereby reduce the credit exposure for one of the parties.
  19. to be robbed or cheated; to be abused in some way by a woman
  20. Most brothers wear their hair fairly short, especially if they hope to be assigned privileges of responsibility in the congregation. This issue falls into the same category as {beards}, {mustache}, and other matters concerned with {dress and grooming}. ...
  21. Industry term for the valuation of securities used to calculate a broker/dealer's net capital. The haircut will change depending on the class of a security, its market risk, and the time to maturity. ...
  22. Haircut means Price Loss. "He took a 40% haircut" means "he lost 40%" or "the price declined 40%".
  23. The difference between prices at which a market maker can buy and sell a security.
  24. Shampoo, Cut & Style
  25. il taglio di capelli