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gulps, 3rd person singular present; gulped, past participle; gulping, present participle; gulped, past tense;
  1. Swallow (drink or food) quickly or in large mouthfuls, often audibly
    • - he smiled and gulped his milk
  2. Breathe (air) deeply and quickly
    • - we emerged to gulp great lungfuls of cold night air
  3. Make effortful breathing or swallowing movements, typically in response to strong emotion
    • - fumes seeped in until she was forced to gulp for air
    • - she gulped back the tears
  1. An act of gulping food or drink
    • - she swallowed the rest of the coffee with a gulp
  2. A large mouthful of liquid hastily drunk
    • - Titch took a gulp of beer and wiped his mouth on his sleeve
  3. A large quantity of air breathed in

  4. A swallowing movement of the throat
    • - the chairman gave an audible gulp

  1. a large and hurried swallow; "he finished it at a single gulp"
  2. to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught; "The men gulped down their beers"
  3. a spasmodic reflex of the throat made as if in swallowing
  4. utter or make a noise, as when swallowing too quickly; "He gulped for help after choking on a big piece of meat"
  5. (gulping) the drinking of large mouthfuls rapidly
  6. Swallowing, known scientifically as deglutition, is the process in the human or animal body that makes something pass from the mouth, to the pharynx, and into the esophagus, while shutting the epiglottis. ...
  7. The Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) is a left-wing political party in Grenada, founded by former prime minister Sir Eric Gairy.
  8. The usual amount swallowed; The sound of swallowing; A sound of swallowing indicating fear; To swallow; To react nervously by swallowing; Indication of an involuntary fear reaction
  9. (gulps) exaggerated swallowing movements. In BMDs, it often is accompanied by a desperate need to eat anything, especially grass.
  10. "And to think I swallowed that lie, hook, line and sinker!" Tom gulped.
  11. Something that is hard to accept or 'swallow' / Greed; overindulgence / Stifled expression; something that causes fear
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