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Advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, esp. as given by someone in authority,
  1. Advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, esp. as given by someone in authority
    • - he looked to his father for inspiration and guidance
  2. The directing of the motion or position of something, esp. a missile
    • - a surface-to-air missile guidance system

  1. something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
  2. the act of guiding or showing the way
  3. steering: the act of setting and holding a course; "a new council was installed under the direction of the king"
  4. The Japanese animation television series Death Note, is based on the manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. ...
  5. In financial reporting, guidance is a publicly traded corporation's official prediction of its own near-future profit or loss, stated as an amount of money per share. Guidance is usually given in a quarterly report to forecast the corporation's performance in the next quarter. ...
  6. GUIdancer is an Eclipse-based automated GUI test-tool from Bredex GmbH which runs as a standalone application or as an Eclipse Plugin.
  7. the act or process of guiding; advice or counselling on some topic; any process or system to control the path of a vehicle, missile etc
  8. (GuiDancing) movement occurring while listening to amazing guitarists.
  9. Non-regulatory recommendations on how to achieve specific objectives.
  10. Many agencies that enforce the ADA issue informal statements of guidance. These statements do not have the force of law, but provide information about how the agency interprets the ADA.
  11. Recommendations produced by NICE for the NHS and other organisations. There are four types of guidance: clinical guidelines, interventional procedures guidance, public health guidance and technology appraisals guidance. Draft versions are produced for all NICE guidance. ...
  12. It is increasingly important for firms to meet or exceed analysts' consensus earnings forecasts. Often management will give guidance or hints of the earnings per share prospects over the next quarter or next year to try to direct the consensus to what is achievable. ...
  13. Describes FDA’s current thinking on a regulatory issue. Guidance is not legally binding on the public or FDA.
  14. Interim documents designed and issued to control or govern security behavior.  Guidance provides policy and procedures to be used until a subject specific directive is published.
  15. Little is written in science fiction literature about spacecraft steering techniques. Perhaps, that is why sci-fi artwork ignores steering thrusters, a space technology essential to the Apollo lunar landing. Examination of most sci-fi spacecraft fails to reveal reaction control thrusters. ...
  16. direction, leadership, supervision, management, oversight, suggestion, counsel
  17. a related service; similar to counseling.
  18. Assistance for a portfolio owner through descriptive instructions, examples of expected results and rationale for inclusion of an item or completion of a task.
  19. Facilities, information and advice necessary to provide continuous, unambiguous and reliable information to pilots of aircraft and drivers of vehicles to keep their aircraft or vehicles on the surfaces and assigned routes intended for their use.
  20. this explains how the regulations should be put into practice. All fostering services must comply with them unless there are exceptional circumstances. You can read the the guidance relating to foster care in England on the Department for Education website.
  21. Help given by a teacher with learning, or with doing a task.
  22. An umbrella term encompassing many services aimed at student's personal and career development.
  23. refers to the authority language found in CMS's manuals. CMS writes its manuals to guide payment contractors, providers, Medicare Advantage plan sponsors, Quality Improvement Organizations, and others in their day-to-day operations and dealings with CMS and Medicare beneficiaries.
  24. The late Sam Levenson's first guidance challenge occurred when a young girl told him that her friend was "in trouble." (He knew that although her friend had never learned to add, she had somehow learned to multiply.)
  25. To be lead and shown the way by the Holy Spirit so that we can make right choices.