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guardians, plural;
  1. A defender, protector, or keeper
    • - self-appointed guardians of public morality
  2. A person who looks after and is legally responsible for someone who is unable to manage their own affairs, esp. an incompetent or disabled person or a child whose parents have died

  3. The superior of a Franciscan convent

  1. defender: a person who cares for persons or property
  2. Guardian is a Contemporary Christian Metal band that was originally formed in the 80's. The band released six studio albums, three additional albums in Spanish—and toured extensively worldwide. ...
  3. Guardian, in comics, may refer to: * Guardian (DC Comics), the alias of Jim Harper, a costumed hero * Guardian (Marvel Comics), the alias of James Hudson, a superhero * Guardian, the alias of Heather Hudson, wife of James Hudson, better known as Vindicator * Guardians, a Marvel Comics series
  4. The Guardian Threat Tracking System is a reporting system used by the FBI to track threats and other intelligence information. It was established to collect data on terrorist threats and suspicious incidents, at seaports and other locations, and to manage action on various threats and incidents. ...
  5. Guardian (James Jacob "Jim" Harper) is a comic book fictional character, a DC Comics superhero, created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. He first appeared in Star Spangled Comics #7 (April 1942). ...
  6. A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority (and the corresponding duty) to care for the personal and property interests of another person, called a ward. ...
  7. Mal Duncan, currently known as Vox (also known as the Guardian, Hornblower, and the Herald), is a fictional character, existing in DC Comics' main shared universe. He made his first appearance in Teen Titans #26 (March/April 1970), and is DC's first Black superhero.
  8. Someone who guards, watches over, or protects; A person legally responsible for a minor (in loco parentis); A person legally responsible for an incompetent person; A superior in a Franciscan monastery; A major or final enemy; boss
  9. (Guardians) The people chosen by the testator to look after their children in the event of their death.
  10. (Guardians) Ceremonial magicians use the Guardians of the Watchtowers or Guardians of the Four Quarters. Some Witches use them, too. There are those that see these Guardians as ugly little biddies, such as lizards, dragons, etc. ...
  11. (Guardians) A term used to describe those pastors who are more inclined to spend their time guarding  and protecting the church from heresy and false teaching. All pastors must be guardians to some extent. Please see Dave Luecke’s ongoing series, Missionaries and Guardians.
  12. (Guardians) Another name for the Elementals
  13. (Guardians) In 1694, colonists passed an act that allowed the colonial governor to appoint white justices of the peace (“guardians”) that would have wider and more extensive ministerial power over Native communities (Kawashima 32). ...
  14. (Guardians) In legend there were seven humans who served the Masters, and from the Masters received great powers. These humans were known as the Guardians and in legend they watched the over the world and warned the Masters of the rising of the Tide. (For more information see Citadels, the)
  15. (Guardians) Individuals appointed to raise your children should you die before they become of age.
  16. (Guardians) Those appointed to look after minors and their affairs if parents have deceased.
  17. (Guardians) formerly known as the Owsla, are the police of Furcadia. They track down rulebreakers and ban them, as well as unloading inappropriate dreams from the main maps (Excluding Furrabian Nights)
  18. (Guardians) the creatures or angels that protect the four corners (the elements).
  19. (guardians) (tib: srung ma/ chos skyong; skrt: dharmapala) Guardians are male or female beings pledged to protect the dharma (teachings) and the practitioners of the teachings. They may be worldly protectors or wrathful manifestations of enlightened beings. ...
  20. (guardians) These are people who will look after your children (if under 18 years of age) at the time of your death. A surviving parent from a marriage has certain parental rights over the guardianship of his/her children, so you do not need to name them. ...
  21. One who is given the lawful custody and care of another(called a ward).
  22. A person or persons named to care for minor children until they reach the age of majority. A will is the best way to ensure that the person or persons whom you wish to have care for your minor children are legally empowered to do so in the event of your death.
  23. Person assigned by the court to take care of minor children or incompetent adults. Sometimes called a conservator.
  24. To dream of a guardian, denotes you will be treated with consideration by your friends. For a young woman to dream that she is being unkindly dealt with by her guardian, foretells that she will have loss and trouble in the future.
  25. A person appointed by a court to manage the person and/or property of one who is legally incompetent to handle his/her own affairs.