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grounds, plural;
  1. Reduced to fine particles by crushing or mincing
    • - ground cumin
  2. Shaped, roughened, or polished by grinding
    • - the thick opaque ground perimeter of the lenses
  1. Prohibit or prevent (a pilot or an aircraft) from flying
    • - a bitter wind blew from the northeast, and the bombers were grounded
  2. (of a parent) Refuse to allow (a child) to go out socially as a punishment
    • - he was grounded for hitting her on the head
  3. Run (a ship) aground
    • - rather than be blown up, Muller grounded his ship on a coral reef and surrendered
  4. (of a ship) Go aground
    • - the larger ships grounded on the riverbed at low tide
  5. Give (something abstract) a firm theoretical or practical basis
    • - the study of history must be grounded in a thorough knowledge of the past
  6. Instruct (someone) thoroughly in a subject
    • - they were grounded in the classics, in history, and in literature
  7. Place or lay (something) on the ground or hit the ground with it
    • - he was penalized two strokes for grounding his club in a bunker
  8. Connect (an electrical device) with the ground

  9. (of a batter) Hit a pitched ball so that it bounces on the ground
    • - he grounded to second
  10. (of a batter) Be put out by hitting a ball on the ground to a fielder who throws it to or touches first base before the batter touches that base
    • - he grounded out to shortstop
  1. The solid surface of the earth
    • - he lay on the ground
  2. A limited or defined extent of the earth's surface; land
    • - an adjoining area of ground had been purchased
  3. Land of a specified kind
    • - my feet squelched over marshy ground
  4. An area of land or sea used for a specified purpose
    • - shore dumping can pollute fishing grounds and beaches
  5. An area of enclosed land surrounding a large house or other building
    • - the house stands in seven acres of grounds
  6. (in aviation) Of or relating to the ground rather than the air (with particular reference to the maintenance and servicing of an aircraft on the ground)
    • - ground staff
    • - ground crew
  7. (of an animal) Living on or in the ground

  8. (of a fish) Bottom-dwelling

  9. (of a plant) Low-growing, esp. in relation to similar plants

  10. An area of knowledge or subject of discussion or thought
    • - third-year courses typically cover less ground and go into more depth
    • - he shifted the argument onto theoretical grounds of his own choosing
  11. Factors forming a basis for action or the justification for a belief
    • - there are some grounds for optimism
    • - they called for a retrial on the grounds of the new evidence
  12. A prepared surface to which paint is applied

  13. A substance used to prepare a surface for painting

  14. (in embroidery or ceramics) A plain surface to which decoration is applied

  15. A piece of wood fixed to a wall as a base for boards, plaster, or woodwork

  16. Solid particles, esp. of ground coffee, that form a residue; sediment

  17. Electrical connection of a circuit or conductor to the earth

  1. land: the solid part of the earth's surface; "the plane turned away from the sea and moved back over land"; "the earth shook for several minutes"; "he dropped the logs on the ground"
  2. anchor: fix firmly and stably; "anchor the lamppost in concrete"
  3. confine or restrict to the ground; "After the accident, they grounded the plane and the pilot"
  4. reason: a rational motive for a belief or action; "the reason that war was declared"; "the grounds for their declaration"
  5. place or put on the ground
  6. footing: a relation that provides the foundation for something; "they were on a friendly footing"; "he worked on an interim basis"
  7. Ground is the second album by the Nels Cline Trio. Initially it was to be a 7", but reviewing the demos Krown Pocket director Brian Rosser suggested an album.
  8. In electrical engineering, ground or earth may be the reference point in an electrical circuit from which other voltages are measured, or a common return path for electric current, or a direct physical connection to the Earth.
  9. Since the neutral point of an electrical supply system is often connected to earth ground, ground and neutral are closely related. Under certain conditions, a conductor used to connect to a system neutral is also used for grounding (earthing) of equipment and structures. ...
  10. A ground is a unit of area used in India approximately equal to 203 square meters (2,185 ft²). After metrication in the mid-20th century, the unit is being phased out. However, it is still popular in Real Estate parlance.
  11. The grind of a blade refers to the shape of the cross-section of the blade. It is distinct from the type of blade (e.g., clip point or drop point knife, sabre or cutlass, axe or chisel, etc.), though different tools and blades may have lent their name to a particular grind.
  12. (Grind (2003 film)) Grind is a 2003 American film about four young aspiring amateur skaters: Eric Rivers (Mike Vogel), Matt Jensen (Vince Vieluf), Dustin Knight (Adam Brody), and Sweet Lou Singer (Joey Kern) who are trying to make it in the world of pro skateboarding by pulling insane stunts in ...
  13. The surface of the Earth, as opposed to the sky or water or underground; Terrain; Soil, earth; The bottom of a body of water; Basis, foundation, groundwork, legwork; Background, context, framework, surroundings; A soccer stadium; An electrical conductor connected to the ground; A level of ...
  14. (groundly) Thorough, complete; solid; deep; profound; To the very ground, to the very bottom; thoroughly, completely; solidly; deeply; profoundly
  15. (grounds) Basis or justification for something, as in "grounds for divorce."; The collective land areas that compose a larger area, as in the castle grounds
  16. (grind) A specific degree of pulverization of coffee beans; A tedious task; A grinding trick on a skateboard or snowboard; To make smaller by breaking with a device; To rotate the hips suggestively; To remove material by rubbing with an abrasive surface; To slide the flat portion of a ...
  17. (Groundly) is a musty, earthy taste associated with coffees that have been damaged in drying or storage.
  18. (Grounds) Pieces of wood embedded in plaster of walls to which skirtings are attached. Also wood pieces used to stop the plaster work around doors and windows.
  19. (Grounds) The reason(s) under state statute for granting a divorce.
  20. (Grounds) lengths of timber fixed vertically to the wall. The plasterer applies plaster between them and, guided by their thickness, can keep the plaster at a consistently uniform plane. Gypsum-based plasters: for indoor use only, as damp will cause them to crumble.
  21. (Grounds) Timber battens at base of wall for fixing skirting boards etc
  22. (Grounds) Narrow strips of wood used as guides around openings to regulate the thickness of lath and plaster wall systems.
  23. (300 grounds) grounds specified in WIC §300(a) (j) that give the juvenile court jurisdiction over an abused, neglected, or abandoned child.
  24. (GROUNDS) Nailing strips placed in masonry walls as a means of attaching trim or furring.
  25. (GROUNDS) The Lawn · The Range · The Rotunda · The Corner · Charlottesville · Fan Mountain Observatory · Hereford College · Jefferson Hall · McCormick Observatory · Rugby Road