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groomed, past tense; grooms, 3rd person singular present; grooming, present participle; groomed, past participle;
  1. Look after the coat of (a horse, dog, or other animal) by brushing and cleaning it
    • - you must be prepared to spend time grooming your dog
  2. (of an animal) Clean the fur or skin of
    • - their main preoccupation is licking and grooming themselves
  3. Give a neat and tidy appearance to (someone)
    • - she pays great attention to makeup, grooming, and clothes
  4. Look after (a lawn, ski slope, or other surface)

  5. Prepare or train (someone) for a particular purpose or activity
    • - star pupils who are groomed for higher things
  6. (of a pedophile) Prepare (a child) for a meeting, esp. via an Internet chat room, with the intention of committing a sexual offence

  1. neat and smart in appearance; well cared for; "the manager was a beautifully groomed young man"; "his horse was always groomed"
  2. (grooming) training: activity leading to skilled behavior
  3. (grooming) dressing: the activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes
  4. Groomed is a Canadian W Network makeover reality television series produced by Chocolate Box Entertainment that aired Mondays at 10:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. It is hosted by butler Paul Hogan, who is famous for his appearances on the reality TV series Joe Millionaire. ...
  5. (Grooming (sexology)) Child grooming refers to actions deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, in order to lower the child's inhibitions in preparation for abuse (such as child sexual abuse) or exploitation (such as child labour ...
  6. (grooming) Care for one's personal appearance, hygiene, and clothing; The act of teaching someone, often for advancement at work; Caring for horses or other animals by brushing and cleaning them; The act of attempting to gain the trust of a minor with the intention of having a sexual ...
  7. (Grooming) The most common form of trail maintenance, done to spread new snow and to smooth over bumps, icy patches and other obstacles. To groom, tractors known as Snowcats drag giant rakes over the snow; on steeper slopes, winches are used to drag rakes up the incline.
  8. (Grooming) Making the dog's appearance adhere to the standard by bathing, brushing, combing, trimming, etc.
  9. (GROOMING) Some of the jumpers in the grand prix ring have their manes and tails braided to enhance their appearance. A tail that is braided and then turned up so the hairs do not hang loose is called a "mud tail" and is frequently used in damp weather conditions.
  10. (Grooming) Brushing or combing a cats coat to remove and prevent knots, cats groom themselves by licking
  11. (Grooming) Cleaning horses for hygienic, practical or aesthetic reasons.^
  12. (Grooming) Covers everything from giving the horse a quick brush before riding to a full equestrian shampoo and set, including plaiting the mane and tail
  13. (Grooming) In telecommunications, the process of separating and segregating channels by combing, such that the broadest channel possible can be assembled and sent across the longest practical link. The aim is to minimize de-multiplexing traffic and reshuffling it electrically.
  14. (Grooming) Refers to the techniques sexual predators use to get to know and seduce their victims in preparation for sexual abuse.
  15. (Grooming) Snow removal, packing, and preparation of the runs for skiing.
  16. (Grooming) The fine art of brushing the dirt from one's horse and applying it to your own body.
  17. (Grooming) The process of befriending a child with the intent of sexually abusing them
  18. (Grooming) Using the Internet to manipulate and gain trust of a minor as a first step towards the future sexual abuse, production, or exposure of that minor. Sometimes involves developing the child’s sexual awareness and may take days, weeks, months, or some cases years to manipulate the minor.
  19. (Grooming) a machine goes up and down most pistes each night and flattens out the snow to give a smooth surface to ski or board on the next morning
  20. (Grooming) the act (and period of time) during which a sexual abuser prepares his victim for the sexual abuse.  This may last days or months as the abuser gains the victims trust and slowly but methodically grooms the victim for the impending attack.  You may read more about grooming here.
  21. (Grooming) the is secret of real elegance.
  22. (Grooming) to tend carefully your person; make neat and tidy
  23. (The Grooming) (2005), line producer; director: John Irvin
  24. Snow which has been prepared for riders using snow cats or other machinery.
  25. Snow that has been mechanically prepared.