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grids, plural;
  1. Put into or set out as a grid
    • - a well-planned core of gridded streets
  1. A framework of spaced bars that are parallel to or cross each other; a grating
    • - the metal grids had been pulled across the foyer
  2. A network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles
    • - a grid of tree-lined streets
  3. A football field

  4. A network of cables or pipes for distributing power, esp. high-voltage transmission lines for electricity
    • - the second reactor was not connected to the grid until 1985
  5. A network of regularly spaced lines on a map that cross one another at right angles and are numbered to enable the precise location of a place

  6. A pattern of lines marking the starting places on a auto-racing track
    • - first away from the grid
  7. An electrode placed between the cathode and anode of a thermionic tube or cathode-ray tube, serving to control or modulate the flow of electrons

  8. A number of computers linked together via the Internet so that their combined power may be harnessed to work on difficult problems

  1. a pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines
  2. power system: a system of high tension cables by which electrical power is distributed throughout a region
  3. a perforated or corrugated metal plate used in a storage battery as a conductor and support for the active material
  4. an electrode placed between the cathode and anode of a vacuum tube to control the flow of electrons through the tube
  5. a cooking utensil of parallel metal bars; used to grill fish or meat
  6. In Norse mythology, Gríðr (Old Norse "greed"Orchard (1997:61). or "greed, vehemence, violence, impetuosity"Simek (2007:117). ...
  7. The Global Release Identifier (GRid) is a system to identify releases of digital sound recordings (and other digital data) for electronic distribution. It is designed to be integrated with identification systems deployed by key stakeholders from across the music industry.
  8. GRID, released on January 25, 2006, is the eighth original album by the Japanese band m.o.v.e. The catalogue code for this album is AVCT-10156/B with a bonus DVD, and AVCT-10157 without one.
  9. Tandy Corporation was a family-owned leather goods company based in Fort Worth, Texas, which is best known for purchasing and giving its name to the Fort Worth, Texas-based RadioShack Corporation. Tandy was founded in 1919 as a leather supply store, and acquired RadioShack in 1963. ...
  10. Gay-related immune deficiency (GRID) (sometimes informally called the gay plague or GRIDS) was the 1982 name first proposed to describe what is now known as AIDS, after public health scientists noticed clusters of Kaposi's sarcoma and Pneumocystis pneumonia among gay males in Southern California ...
  11. An electrical grid is an interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers.
  12. A rectangular array of squares or rectangles of equal size, such as in a crossword puzzle; A system for delivery of electricity, consisting of various substations, transformers and generators, connected by wire; A system or structure of distributed computers working mostly on a peer-to-peer ...
  13. (Gridding (Circle Grid Analysis)) Imprinting an array of repetitive geometrical patterns on a sheet prior to forming for subsequent determination of deformation. Imprinting techniques include eletrochemical marking, photoprinting, ink stamping and lithographing.
  14. (Gridding) Marking off sections of your material avoid misplaced stitches.
  15. (Grids) Decorative horizontal or vertical bars installed between the glass panes to create the appearance of the sash being dividing into smaller lites of glass.
  16. (Grids: (also called Muttins or Grilles)) Colonial square & diamond patterns between the glass.
  17. (grids) map broken into numbered thousand-meter squares
  18. (GRIDS (internal)) In dual-pane vinyl unit, the placing of a white-painted aluminum hollow (flat or sculptured) bar between the two panes.  It is used to create the appearance of the divided lites of a single pane window.
  19. (Grids (or Grills)) Crosspieces applied to the interior of a window to replicate the look of muntins. See MUNTIN.
  20. (Grids) A term referring to window pane dividers or muntins, usually a type of assembly which may be removed (exterior mounted) or between the glass. either for ease of cleaning. Also called grilles.
  21. (Grids) When done tastefully, grids can add charm and character to your home. Many time grids are only used on the street side of the home. Grids bring focus to the window so we don't recommend them in view situations.
  22. (Grids) create the look of several smaller panes of glass within a large one.
  23. (Grids) plan of courses by semester
  24. (Grids) used for images such as photographs, remotely sensed images, gridded model output or any other raster format maps.
  25. (grids) commonly used maps with 1 kilometer grid-lines; also grid coordinates, grid square, etc.