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granting, present participle; grants, 3rd person singular present; granted, past participle; granted, past tense;
  1. Agree to give or allow (something requested) to
    • - a letter granting them permission to smoke
  2. Give (a right, power, property, etc.) formally or legally to
    • - the amendment that granted women the right to vote
  3. Agree or admit to (someone) that (something) is true
    • - he hasn't made much progress, I'll grant you that

  1. allow: let have; "grant permission"; "Mandela was allowed few visitors in prison"
  2. any monetary aid
  3. award: give as judged due or on the basis of merit; "the referee awarded a free kick to the team"; "the jury awarded a million dollars to the plaintiff";"Funds are granted to qualified researchers"
  4. the act of providing a subsidy
  5. (law) a transfer of property by deed of conveyance
  6. concede: be willing to concede; "I grant you this much"
  7. The Grant Motor Co was a United States automobile manufacturing company which produced automobiles from 1913 to 1922. The company was based in Findlay, Ohio. The company produced several thousand four and six cylinder automobiles and even exported cars to England as the Whiting-Grant. ...
  8. Grants are funds by one party (Grant Makers), often a Government Department, Corporation, Foundation or Trust, to a , often (but not always) a nonprofit entity, educational institution, business or an individual. ...
  9. Grant can be both a surname and a given name. The name is of Scottish origin (see Clan Grant), and there are several possible origins for the name.
  10. SQL (officially like "S-Q-L" but often like "sequel"), often referred to as Structured Query Language, is a database computer language designed for managing data in relational database management systems (RDBMS), and originally based upon relational algebra. ...
  11. (Grantness) Samwise Gamgee, later known as Samwise GardnerAppendix C to The Lord of the Rings and commonly as Sam, is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. ...
  12. (Grant’s) The United States fifty-dollar bill ($50) is a denomination of United States currency. Ulysses S. Grant is currently featured on the obverse, while the U.S. Capitol is featured on the reverse. All $50 bills issued today are Federal Reserve Notes.
  13. The act of granting; a bestowing or conferring; concession; allowance; permission; The yielding or admission of something in dispute; The thing or property granted; a gift; a boon; A transfer of property by deed or writing; especially, an appropriation or conveyance made by the government; as, ...
  14. (granted) Given, awarded; Used to concede a point, often before stating some contrasting information; You use granted that x, y to mean y is true because of x
  15. (GRANTED) Appeal or review has been approved and/or approved with conditions.
  16. (Granted) A right to prospect which is granted in terms of Section 17(1) of the MPRDA.
  17. (Granted) Court's ruling upholding a Motion.
  18. (Granted) One of three things that may happen to your case after your interview (granted, denied, or continued). If you are eligible, your application will be approved or "granted." After you take the Oath of Allegiance, you will be a United States citizen.
  19. (Granted) Order made by a court after hearing an application. The application is successful. The order will be followed by further orders which are the court's directions in respect of the subject matter of the application.
  20. (Grants) A contribution of assets (usually cash) by one governmental unit or other organization to another.  Typically, these contributions are made to local governments from the State and Federal governments.  Grants are usually made for specified purposes.
  21. (Grants) A form of financial aid, similar to scholarships, that does not have to be repaid.
  22. (GRANTS) Assistance awards in which substantial involvement is not anticipated between the federal government and the state or local government or other recipient during the performance of the contemplated activity. ...
  23. (Grants) Financial assistance that does not require repayment.
  24. (Grants) educational funds that do not require repayment from present or future earnings.
  25. (Grants) Funds that don’t have to be repaid. Eligibility is determined by information provided on your FAFSA and can be funded by federal and state governments, as well as the college you plan to attend.