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grains, plural;
  1. Give a rough surface or texture to
    • - her fingers were grained with chalk dust
  2. Form into grains
    • - if the sugar does grain up, add more water
  3. Paint (esp. furniture or interior surfaces) in imitation of the grain of wood or marble
    • - the art of graining and marbling
  4. Remove hair from (a hide)
    • - the boots were of best grained leather
  5. Feed (a horse) on grain

  1. Wheat or any other cultivated cereal crop used as food

  2. The seeds of such cereals
    • - grain exports
  3. A single fruit or seed of a cereal
    • - a few grains of corn
  4. A small hard particle of a substance such as salt or sand
    • - a grain of salt
  5. The smallest possible quantity or amount of a quality
    • - there wasn't a grain of truth in what he said
  6. A discrete particle or crystal in a metal, igneous rock, etc., typically visible only when a surface is magnified

  7. A piece of solid propellant for use in a rocket engine

  8. The smallest unit of weight in the troy and avoirdupois systems, equal to 1/5760 of a pound troy and 1/7000 of a pound avoirdupois (approximately 0.0648 grams)

  9. The longitudinal arrangement or pattern of fibers in wood, paper, etc
    • - he scored along the grain of the table with the knife
  10. Roughness in texture of wood, stone, etc.; the arrangement and size of constituent particles
    • - the lighter, finer grain of the wood is attractive
  11. The rough or textured outer surface of leather, or of a similar artificial material

  12. Lamination or planes of cleavage in materials such as stone and coal

  13. A granular appearance of a photograph or negative, which is in proportion to the size of the emulsion particles composing it

  14. A person's character or natural tendency

  15. Kermes or cochineal, or dye made from either of these

  1. a relatively small granular particle of a substance; "a grain of sand"; "a grain of sugar"
  2. ingrain: thoroughly work in; "His hands were grained with dirt"
  3. foodstuff prepared from the starchy grains of cereal grasses
  4. paint (a surface) to make it look like stone or wood
  5. granulate: form into grains
  6. the side of leather from which the hair has been removed
  7. GRAIN (Genetic Resources Action International) is an international non-governmental organization based in Barcelona, Spain, which works toward sustainable agriculture. It was formed upon the realization that the genetic diversity of the world's food crops are being drastically eliminated. ...
  8. Grain is a stream cipher submitted to eSTREAM in 2004 by Martin Hell, Thomas Johansson and Willi Meier. It has been selected for the final eSTREAM portfolio for Profile 2 by the eSTREAM project. Grain is designed primarily for restricted hardware environments. ...
  9. Cereals, grains, or cereal grains are grasses (members of the monocot families Poaceae or Gramineae) cultivated for the edible components of their fruit seeds (botanically, a type of fruit called a caryopsis): the endocarp, germ, and bran. ...
  10. Bias knitting is a method by which the grain of a knitted fabric is skewed from the vertical, by decreasing on one side and increasing on the other. The term "bias" derives from sewing, where bias refers to the diagonal between the weft and warp threads, where the elasticity of wovens is greatest.
  11. Crystallites are the small, often microscopic crystals that, held together through highly defective boundaries, constitute a polycrystalline solid. Metallurgists often refer to crystallites as "grains".
  12. Grain Surfboards is an American company that manufactures custom and originally designed hollow wooden surfboards. The surfboards are made primarily from Northern White Cedar, with some Western Red Cedar added for color accent.
  13. The harvested seeds of various grass-related food crops eg: wheat, corn, barley; A single seed of grain; The crops from which grain is harvested; A linear texture of a material or surface; A single particle of a substance; A very small unit of weight, in England equal to 1/480 of an ounce ...
  14. (grained) Having a grain or grains; Stained with an imitation wood grain; Having a specified type of grain e.g. close-grained
  15. (grains) An iron fish spear with a number of points half-barbed inwardly
  16. (grainy) Resembling grains; granular; Coarsely ground or gritty
  17. (Graining) Simulating the grain of wood by means of specially prepared colors or stains and the use of graining tools or special brushing techniques.
  18. (Graining) The process of printing a natural wood grain pattern onto another surface that may or may not be wood product.
  19. (Graining) A paint effect giving a realistic hardwood appearance to softwood.
  20. (Graining) A pattern of nearly parallel ridges on a tires tread. Cause by over aggressive driving on a tire that has a compound that is usually too soft or has not been allowed to be brought up to a good operating temperature.
  21. (Graining) Internal indications of irregular diamond crystal growth. Internal graining generally appears milky, or like faint lines or streaks, and may be coloured or reflective
  22. (Graining) The usual American name for the ridged 'Milled' type edge.
  23. (Graining) When a car slides, it can cause little bits or rubber (“grains”) to break away from the tire’s slick surface. These may then stick to the tire, effectively separating it from the track surface. For the driver, the effect is like driving on ball bearings. ...
  24. (Graining) When tyres wear during use and produce small pieces of worn off rubber (grains). This rubber immediately sticks again to the tyre, making a slightly uneven surface and causing a loss of grip.
  25. (Graining) a term often used in sweet making. When sugar syrup is stirred while it is boiling, it will ‘grain’ or candy.