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glanced, past participle; glances, 3rd person singular present; glancing, present participle; glanced, past tense;
  1. Take a brief or hurried look
    • - Ginny glanced at her watch
  2. Read quickly or cursorily
    • - I glanced through your personnel file last night
  3. Hit something at an angle and bounce off obliquely
    • - he saw a stone glance off a crag and hit Tom on the head
  4. (esp. of light) Reflect off something with a brief flash
    • - sunlight glanced off the curved body of a dolphin
  5. (in ball games) Deflect (the ball) slightly with a delicate contact
    • - he glanced the ball into the right corner of the net
  1. A shiny sulfide ore of lead, copper, or other metal

  1. a quick look
  2. throw a glance at; take a brief look at; "She only glanced at the paper"; "I only peeked--I didn't see anything interesting"
  3. hit at an angle
  4. A brief or cursory look; A deflection; A form of mineral with a brilliant lustre; To look briefly (at something); To graze a surface; To sparkle; To hit lightly with the head, make a deft header
  5. (glancing) Making a superficial, obtuse contact with something
  6. (glanced) look briefly, brief look
  7. (Glancing) a method of striking that is similar to a slice. The major difference is that the depth of penetration is much greater. It does not skim the surface of the target, but makes a deep penetration.
  8. (Glancing) Oblique attack or strike.
  9. a mineral with a glassy appearance. Specific examples include:
  10. C. to look at SO or ST for a long time, often with love
  11. A small container view that closes itself automatically after it has been displayed for a brief period. Also, if a user taps the view, it closes immediately. Source: NUIG
  12. A shot played finely on the leg side behind the batsman.
  13. A bitter tasting fungus often used for catching shadows.
  14. (v) caşırtın qararģa, köz cеtdirirgе, qarab çıģarģa, qararģa, qayta barırģa