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gives, 3rd person singular present; giving, present participle; given, past participle; gave, past tense;
  1. Freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to
    • - they gave her water to drink
    • - the check given to the jeweler proved worthless
    • - he gave the papers back
  2. Bestow (love, affection, or other emotional support)
    • - his parents gave him the encouragement he needed to succeed
    • - he was very giving and supportive
  3. Administer (medicine)
    • - she was given antibiotics
  4. Hand over (an amount) in exchange or payment; pay
    • - how much did you give for that?
  5. Place a specified value on (something)
    • - he never gave anything for French painting or for abstraction
  6. Used hyperbolically to express how greatly one wants to have or do something
    • - I'd give anything for a cup of tea
    • - I'd give my right arm to be in Othello
  7. Communicate or impart (a message) to (someone)
    • - give my love to all the girls
  8. Commit, consign, or entrust
    • - a baby given into their care by the accident of her birth
  9. Freely devote, set aside, or sacrifice for a purpose
    • - all who have given thought to the matter agree
    • - committee members who give so generously of their time and effort
  10. (of a man) Sanction the marriage of (his daughter) to someone
    • - he gave her in marriage to an English noble
  11. Consent to have sexual intercourse with (someone)

  12. Pass on (an illness or infection) to (someone)
    • - I hope I don't give you my cold
  13. Make a connection to allow (someone) to speak to (someone else) on the telephone
    • - give me the police
  14. Cite or present when making a toast or introducing a speaker or entertainer
    • - for your entertainment this evening I give you … Mister Albert DeNiro!
  15. Cause or allow (someone or something) to have (something, esp. something abstract); provide or supply with
    • - you gave me such a fright
    • - this leaflet gives our opening times
  16. Allot or assign (a score) to
    • - I gave it five out of ten
  17. Sentence (someone) to (a specified penalty)
    • - for the first offense I was given a fine
  18. Concede or yield (something) as valid or deserved in respect of (someone)
    • - give him his due
  19. Allow (someone) to have (a specified amount of time) for an activity or undertaking
    • - give me a second to bring the car around
    • - I'll give you until tomorrow morning
  20. Predict that (an activity, undertaking, or relationship) will last no longer than (a specified time)
    • - this is a place that will not improve with time—I give it three weeks
  21. Yield as a product or result
    • - milk is sometimes added to give a richer cheese
  22. Emit odor, vapor, or similar substances
    • - it can be burned without giving off toxic fumes
  23. Carry out or perform (a specified action)
    • - I gave a bow
    • - he gave the counter a polish
  24. Utter or produce (a sound)
    • - he gave a gasp
  25. Provide (a party or social meal) as host or hostess
    • - a dinner given in honor of a Canadian diplomat
    • - Korda gave him a going-away party
  26. State or put forward (information or argument)
    • - he did not give his name
  27. Pledge or assign as a guarantee
    • - I give you my word
  28. Say to (someone) as an excuse or inappropriate answer
    • - don't give me any of your back talk
  29. Deliver (a judgment) authoritatively
    • - I gave my verdict
  30. Present (an appearance or impression)
    • - he gave no sign of life
  31. Tell what one knows
    • - okay, give—what's that all about?
  32. Alter in shape under pressure rather than resist or break
    • - that chair doesn't give
  33. Yield or give way to pressure
    • - the heavy door didn't give until the fifth push
    • - when two people who don't get on are thrust together, something's got to give
  34. Concede defeat; surrender
    • - I give!
  1. Capacity to bend or alter in shape under pressure; elasticity
    • - plastic pots that have enough give to accommodate the vigorous roots
  2. Ability to adapt or comply; flexibility
    • - there is no give at all in the British position

  1. cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense; "She gave him a black eye"; "The draft gave me a cold"
  2. the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length
  3. yield: be the cause or source of; "He gave me a lot of trouble"; "Our meeting afforded much interesting information"
  4. transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody; "I gave her my money"; "can you give me lessons?"; "She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care"
  5. convey or reveal information; "Give one's name"
  6. convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow; "Don't pay him any mind"; "give the orders"; "Give him my best regards"; "pay attention"
  7. hold: organize or be responsible for; "hold a reception"; "have, throw, or make a party"; "give a course"
  8. convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture; "Throw a glance"; "She gave me a dirty look"
  9. give as a present; make a gift of; "What will you give her for her birthday?"
  10. cause to happen or be responsible for; "His two singles gave the team the victory"
  11. dedicate; "give thought to"; "give priority to"; "pay attention to"
  12. render: give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"
  13. impart: transmit (knowledge or skills); "give a secret to the Russians"; "leave your name and address here"; "impart a new skill to the students"
  14. establish: bring about; "The trompe l'oeil-illusion establishes depth"
  15. leave with; give temporarily; "Can I give you my keys while I go in the pool?"; "Can I give you the children for the weekend?"
  16. emit or utter; "Give a gulp"; "give a yelp"
  17. sacrifice: endure the loss of; "He gave his life for his children"; "I gave two sons to the war"
  18. pass: place into the hands or custody of; "hand me the spoon, please"; "Turn the files over to me, please"; "He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers"
  19. give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause; "She committed herself to the work of God"; "give one's talents to a good cause"; "consecrate your life to the church"
  20. Give is the third studio album released by The Bad Plus. It contains covers of Ornette Coleman's "Street Woman", The Pixies' "Velouria", and Black Sabbath's "Iron Man".
  21. Cold is the debut album by American Alternative Metal band Cold. It precedes the band's breakthrough success into the mainstream hard rock scene. When compared to their later albums this one is more aggressive and has a much rawer sound. ...
  22. Give is a railway town with a population of 4,404 (1st January 2010) in Denmark near Vejle. As a result of "The Municipal Reform" of 2007 Give Municipality was absorbed into Vejle Municipality.
  23. CD: #"Give" – 3:48 #"Blame" – 4:20 #"Makes Her Sick" – 4:01 #"Give (Alternative Mix)" – 3:53
  24. The amount of bending that something undergoes when a force is applied to it; To transfer the possession or holding of (something to someone or something else); To bend slightly when a force is applied; To estimate or predict (a duration or probability for something); To provide, as, a ...
  25. (given) A condition that is assumed to be true without further evaluation; Already arranged; Currently discussed, particular, specific; If you consider X; taking X into account