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geometries, plural;
  1. The branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogs

  2. A particular mathematical system describing such properties
    • - non-Euclidean geometries
  3. The shape and relative arrangement of the parts of something
    • - the geometry of spiders' webs

  1. the pure mathematics of points and lines and curves and surfaces
  2. (geometrically) with respect to geometry; "this shape is geometrically interesting"
  3. Geometry (γεωμετρία; ' "earth", ' "measurement") "Earth-measuring" is a part of mathematics concerned with questions of size, shape, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. Geometry is one of the oldest sciences. ...
  4. In mathematics, specifically geometric group theory, a geometric group action is a certain type of action of a discrete group on a metric space.
  5. Geometry is the second album by electronic musician Jega, released in 2000 on the Planet Mu label.
  6. Geometry (1991) is an album by the American ambient and electronic musician Robert Rich. Although completed in 1988, this album was not released until three years later.
  7. La Géométrie was published in 1637 as an appendix to Discours de la méthode (Discourse on Method), written by René Descartes. In the Discourse, he presents his method for obtaining clarity on any subject. ...
  8. (uncountable) The branch of mathematics dealing with spatial relationships; (countable) A type of geometry with particular properties; The spatial attributes of an object, etc
  9. (Geometric) Specially designed windows classified as either straight line geometrics such as rectangles, triangles, trapezoid, octagons, pentagons, etc., or radius geometrics which include half-rounds, quarter-rounds, full-rounds, sectors, ellipses, eyebrows, etc.
  10. (Geometric) A word describing shapes and forms such as squares, circles, cubes, and spheres.
  11. (Geometric) relating to simple shapes that include straight lines, circles, squares, and rectangles
  12. (GEOMETRIC) pattern with simple rectilinear shapes
  13. (Geometric) (Futura or Spartan).
  14. (Geometric) (a) based on mathematical shapes such as the circle, square, or rectangle; (b) a style of Greek pottery made between c. 900 and 700 B.C., characterized by geometric decoration.
  15. (Geometric) Definition currently unavailable
  16. (Geometric) English Gothic architecture c. 1240-1290. During this period the French invention of bar tracery allowed for larger windows subdivided by stone mullions and tracery, in place of the single lancets of the Early English style. ...
  17. (Geometric) The basic term for rug patterns that are created with straight lines.
  18. (Geometric) is motif of Gabbeh rugs which is a tribal rugs. Gabbeh used to be a lower quality rug, but nowadays quality of the rug is improved and they come in very unique vivid colors and very soft wool.
  19. (Geometric) measurement of the Ego.
  20. (Geometric) standard deviation - A measure of dispersion in a lognormal distribution (always greater than or equal to 1.0).1
  21. (Geometric) straight-line, unrelated to physical or cultural landscape, lat & long (US/Canada)
  22. (Geometric) the first phase of the English Decorated style, of the early 14th century
  23. (Geometric) where the projection surface is either a plane (intersects globe at only one point), cylinder (intersects the globe alone a great circle line), or a cone (intersects the globe along a minor circle line), see figure below.
  24. (Geometrical) style of tracery in which the patterns are formed by regular circles or segments of circles.
  25. ((device) geometries) Sizes within a silicon device (e.g. 0.25µm) which refer to the layout of components and interconnects on the die.