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gentlemen, plural;
  1. A chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man
    • - he behaved like a perfect gentleman
  2. A man of good social position, esp. one of wealth and leisure

  3. (in the UK) A man of noble birth attached to a royal household

  4. A polite or formal way of referring to a man
    • - opposite her an old gentleman sat reading
  5. Used as a polite form of address to a group of men
    • - “Can I help you, gentlemen?”
  6. Used as a courteous designation for a male fellow member of the US House of Representatives

  1. a man of refinement
  2. valet: a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer; "Jeeves was Bertie Wooster's man"
  3. The term gentleman (from Latin gentilis, belonging to a race or "gens", and "man", cognate with the French word gentilhomme, the Spanish hombre gentil and the Italian gentil uomo or gentiluomo), in its original and strict signification, denoted a man of good family, analogous to the Latin ...
  4. Gentleman (Tamil: ஜென்டில்மேன்) (1993) is a Tamil film directed by S. Shankar. The film marked S. Shankar's debut in film, and with the highest budget for an Indian film in that year, became a blockbuster upon release. It stars Arjun and Madhoo in the lead roles. ...
  5. Gentleman was an English language literary magazine published in India from 1980 to 2001. It was initially owned by the Stirling Group of Magazines, which sold this and other magazines to the Indian Express Group in 1987. It was edited and published by Sambit Bal and Rajib Sarkar .
  6. Tilmann Otto (April 19, 1975 in Osnabrück, Germany), better known by his stage name Gentleman, is a German Reggae musician.
  7. "Gentleman" is a song by Lou Bega. It was the first single from his album Ladies and Gentlemen.
  8. The Gentleman is a 1994 Bollywood film directed by Mahesh Bhatt. The film stars Chiranjeevi, Paresh Rawal, Juhi Chawla in roles and South Indian actress Roja Selvamani does a cameo appearance in a song. It is a remake of S. Shankar's debut film, Gentleman.
  9. (Gentlemen.) Team Fortress is a team- and class-based online multiplayer video game mod based on id Software's Quake. Team Fortress was designed and written by Robin Walker, John Cook and Ian Caughley in 1996. ...
  10. (Gentlemen (horse)) Gentlemen (foaled 1992 in Argentina) is a Thoroughbred racehorse who was the Champion Three-Year-Old Colt in Argentina and then raced successfully in the United States.
  11. A man of breeding or higher class; A polite term referring to a man; A polite form of address to a group of men; Toilets intended for use by men; A cricketer of independent wealth, who does not (require to) get paid to play the sport; Amateur
  12. (Gentlemen) This started as a separate title with the statute of Additions of 1413. It was later used generally for a man of high birth or rank, good social standing, and of wealth who did not need to work for a living.
  13. (Gentlemen) v. Players. - The most important match of the year as far as purely English cricket is concerned is the match between the gentlemen and players (amateurs and professionals) played at Lord's. ...
  14. (The Gentlemen) Hush - S4 - Demons who steal everyone's voice in Sunnydale and must harvest seven hearts before they leave.
  15. a member of the gentry, a descendant from an aristocratic family whose income came from the rental of his land
  16. A man who bore arms through grant or inheritance. The word derived from the ‘gentle’ qualities that were supposed to belong to the upper class, the refined sense of nobility grown from both noble descent and education. ...
  17. Originally, gentlemen meant no specific class but included barons, esquires and even franklins (free-tenants) ie all who were not ignoble.  By the early 15th century it came to have a specific meaning.  When gentlemen became regarded as a distinct order, they were associated with armigers. ...
  18. alfalfa male, ASS, eunuch, goldgiver, mangina, or matadormat engaging in a pathetic, spineless charade to please females
  19. Under this term are comprised all that are above yeomen and artificers. A Gentleman has either inherited Coat Armour from his ancestors, or lias received a patent for a new coat from the King of Arms. His achievement is the same as that of an Esquire.
  20. one who does not tell the naked truth in the presence of ladies.
  21. A term which denoted a privileged social rank and was not a reference to conduct or social manners. Such men were at the top of the social strata followed by planters, yoemen, servants and slaves. ...
  22. In this context, a well-born man above the rank of yeoman, usually entitled to bear a coat of arms. It was assumed that a Gentleman did not do manual work and the term gradually encompassed all those in the professions.
  23. 1) traditionally, an armigerous member of the British landed gentry ranking immediately below an esquire. 2) a man displaying the qualities of a gentleman.
  24. In the English law, according to Sir Edward Coke, is one who bears a coat of armor. 2 Inst. 667. In the United States, this word is unknown to the law, but in many places it is applied, by courtesy, to all men. See Poth. Proc. Crim. sect. 1, App. §3.
  25. a man of independent means, living off income from land, property or a legacy.