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genitals, plural;
  1. A person or animal's external organs of reproduction

  1. genitalia: external sex organ
  2. A sex organ, or primary sexual characteristic, as narrowly defined, is any of the anatomical parts of the body which are involved in sexual reproduction and constitute the reproductive system in a complex organism; flowers are the reproductive organs of flowering plants, cones are the ...
  3. Alternative form of genitalia
  4. (genital) the genitalia; of, or relating to biological reproduction; of, or relating to the genitalia; of, or relating to psychosexual development during puberty
  5. (genitalia) genital or sex organs; a collection of genitals
  6. (Genital) Classification and external resources
  7. (Genital) The reappearance of sexuality during adolescence marks the beginning of the genital stage, which lasts for the rest of the person's life. In this final stage, sexual urges are outlet directly into sexual relationships.
  8. (Genital) of, pertaining to, or noting reproduction
  9. (Genitalia) Organs needed for sexual function and reproduction.
  10. (Genitalia) Structures associated with the release of sperm or eggs.
  11. (Genitalia) The copulatory organs of insects and other animals. The shape and arrangement of the genitalia are often used to distinguish closely related and otherwise very similar species.
  12. (Genitalia) the external reproductive organs. For male spiders, these are the bulbs on the tip of the palps. For females, the epigyne area on the underside of the abdomen. Neither are fully developed and functional until adulthood.
  13. The sexual organs on the outside of the body. For a male, this is the penis and testicles. For a female, this is the vulva and clitoris.
  14. sex organs of females and males; external genitals include the clitoris and vulva in females, scrotum and penis in males
  15. How you relate to sex or your own sexuality / Feeling exposed, insecure or vulnerable / (see PENIS, VAGINA)
  16. The sex organs on the outside of the male and female body, sometimes called "private parts."