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gashes, plural;
  1. Make a gash in; cut deeply
    • - the jagged edges gashed their fingers
  1. A long deep slash, cut, or wound
    • - a bad gash in one leg became infected
  2. A cleft made as if by a slashing cut
    • - the blast ripped a 25-foot gash in the hull
  3. vulgar. The vulva

  4. offensive. Women collectively regarded in sexual terms

  1. cut: a wound made by cutting; "he put a bandage over the cut"
  2. slash: cut open; "she slashed her wrists"
  3. cut: a trench resembling a furrow that was made by erosion or excavation
  4. slash: a strong sweeping cut made with a sharp instrument
  5. Gash is a Foetus album released in 1995 by Sony/Columbia. Gash is the only Foetus album to appear on a major label and their most widely-distributed, with releases in North America, Europe, and Japan. Gash is Columbia Records #CK 66461.
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  7. Gashing is a machining process used to rough out coarse pitched gears and sprockets. It is commonly used on worm wheels before hobbing, but also used on internal and external spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, and gear racks. ...
  8. A deep cut; A vulva, pussy; A woman; Rubbish, spare kit; Rubbish on board an aircraft; Unused film or sound during film editing; To make a deep, long cut, to slash
  9. (gashed) Having gashes; slashed
  10. (gashing) The roughing operation for worm gears
  11. deep cut: "He gashed his hand badly on a piece of broken glass." "That's a nasty gash. You might need stitches."
  12. What MCs call the fairer sex. They also like to talk about how good they are at “drawing gash” (pulling girls). ...
  13. sub-standard or rubbish; also rubbish as a noun (the 'gash bag' is the rubbish bag)
  14. Any refuse or rubbish which is discarded into a refuse container or dustbin which is known as “gash fanny” (South African Navy).
  15. Extra, leftovers, and garbage.