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garages, plural;
  1. Put or keep (a motor vehicle) in a garage

  1. A building or shed for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles

  2. An establishment that provides services and repairs for motor vehicles

  3. A style of unpolished energetic rock music associated with suburban amateur bands
    • - garage band

  1. an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles
  2. keep or store in a garage; "we don't garage our car"
  3. a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired
  4. Garage is Cross Canadian Ragweed's seventh album. A limited release special edition included a bonus DVD containing six videos, one chronicling the band's 10th anniversary.
  5. Garage is a 2007 Irish film directed by Lenny Abrahamson and written by Mark O'Halloran, the same team behind Adam and Paul. It stars Pat Shortt, Anne-Marie Duff and Conor J. Ryan. The film tells the story of a lonely petrol station attendant and how he slowly begins to come out of his shell.
  6. A residential garage is part of a home, or an associated building, designed or used for storing a vehicle or vehicles. In some places the term is used synonymously with "carport", though that term normally describes a structure that is not completely enclosed.
  7. UK garage (also known as UKG or simply garage) is a genre of electronic dance music originating from the United Kingdom in the early-1990s. UK garage is a descendant of house music which originated in Chicago and New York US by African Americans. ...
  8. Garage is a clothing store, primarily targeting the teenage girl demographic. Founded in 1975 as a subsidiary of Groupe Dynamite, Inc., Garage currently has locations in the Canada, United States and Dubai.
  9. The Garage (Гараж) is a Soviet 1979 comedy film directed by Eldar Ryazanov. Based on a screenplay by Emil Braginsky.
  10. (Garaged) A reference to a vehicle which is kept in a garage, as in My car is always garaged. The abbreviation in advertisements is gar'd.
  11. (Garages) Building, Remodeling
  12. (Garages) Our durable shelves, cabinets, drawers, work benches and wall hangers can transform your garage from a place to park the family car to an organized and attractive customized storage and work room. ...
  13. (garages) Current plans are for up to eleven garage spaces (half a space in a double garage) to be built and sold to individual households. If fewer are purchased, fewer will be built. ...
  14. To transfer assets to another company to reduce tax liability.
  15. A shelter or space, generally enclosed, designed to accommodate vehicles other than horse-drawn vehicles.
  16. A space large enough to accommodate a car, with a door opening at least 6 feet wide and 7 feet high.
  17. A heating chamber used to hold and keep hot parts of objects that are intended to be assembled on the blowpipe while other parts are being made.
  18. where your car will be repaired if it cannot be fixed at the roadside.
  19. a building, originally for the repair and servicing of locomotives and other rolling stock, situated outside Washington D.C. ...
  20. progressive accumulation of chips made up of outside regular pots/the sum reinjected into the pots in the special games.
  21. Location where buses are based and operators report for work and receive supplies and assignments.
  22. (1920) with Roscoe Arbuckle and Buster Keaton. Roscoe and Buster make a shambles of the garage they work in. From a very-good color-tinted 35mm print, with new intertitles and a new main title. Accompanied by Fotoplayer music by Robert Israel.
  23. A simple, raw form of rock and roll that emerged in the mid-1960s, largely in the United States. The term "garage rock" comes from the perception that many such performers were young and amateurish, and often rehearsed in a family garage (this stereotype also evokes a suburban, middle-class ...
  24. or carport means parking space and shelter for automobiles or other vehicles, where the size of the parking space complies with the provisions of Chapter 13.36.
  25. A building or enclosure primarily designed to house motor vehicles. It can be either attached to the main house or detached and surrounded by open space.