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The time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come,
  1. At a later time; going or likely to happen or exist
    • - the needs of future generations
  2. (of a person) Planned or destined to hold a specified position
    • - his future wife
  3. Existing after death
    • - expectation of a future life
  4. (of a tense) Expressing an event yet to happen

  1. The time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come
    • - we plan on getting married in the near future
    • - work on the building will be halted for the foreseeable future
  2. Events that will or are likely to happen in the time to come
    • - nobody can predict the future
  3. Used to refer to what will happen to someone or something in the time to come
    • - a blueprint for the future of American fast food
  4. A prospect of success or happiness
    • - he'd decided that there was no future in the gang
    • - I began to believe I might have a future as an artist
  5. A tense of verbs expressing events that have not yet happened

  1. the time yet to come
  2. yet to be or coming; "some future historian will evaluate him"
  3. a verb tense that expresses actions or states in the future
  4. effective in or looking toward the future; "he was preparing for future employment opportunities"
  5. bulk commodities bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date
  6. future(a): (of elected officers) elected but not yet serving; "our next president"
  7. The future is the indefinite time period after the present. Whether it's less than a millisecond away or a billion years, its arrival is considered inevitable due to the existence of time and the laws of physics. ...
  8. In finance, a futures contract is a standardized contract between two parties to buy or sell a specified asset of standardized quantity and quality at a specified future date at a price agreed today (the futures price). The contracts are traded on a futures exchange. ...
  9. In computer science, future, promise, and delay refer to constructs used for synchronization in some concurrent programming languages. They describe an object that acts as a proxy for a result that is initially not known, usually because the computation of its value has not yet completed.
  10. The Future is a record album from 1992 and is one of the most popular albums recorded by Leonard Cohen. It has come to be recognized as his essential "film-score" album as nearly every one of the songs on the album has appeared in some notable form in a Hollywood film.
  11. The Human League are an English electronic new wave band formed in Sheffield, England in 1977. They achieved popularity after a key change in line-up in the early 1980s and have continued recording and performing with moderate commercial success throughout the 1980s up to the present day.
  12. The Future is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.
  13. (futurely) (adv): in the future. FS (1-TNK); Chapman Iliad (1st OED citation).
  14. A Futures Contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller to receive and deliver on a future date a specified amount of a product at an agreed price.
  15. (Futures) An obligation to exchange a good or instrument at a set price on a future date. The primary difference between a Future and a Forward is that Futures are typically traded over an exchange while forwards are traded over the counter (OTC).
  16. (Futures) A financial contract obligating the buyer to purchase an asset (or the seller to sell an asset), such as a physical commodity or a financial instrument, at a predetermined future date and price. ...
  17. (Futures) A commodity contract is a commitment which requires delivery or receipt of a commodity at an agreed future date, at an agreed price established by public auction in the trading pit of an organized public commodity exchange.
  18. (Futures) Securities or goods bought or sold at a fixed price for future delivery. There may be no intention to take them up but to rely upon price changes in order to sell at a profit before delivery.
  19. Futures are bets that will be decided by multiple contests, or by a contest that is more than about a week away. An example of a futures bet is a wager on whether the Yankees will win more than 92 games in the upcoming season.
  20. (Futures) (Also, Ante Post) Bets placed in advance predicting the outcome of a future event.
  21. (Futures) An obligation to buy or sell a specified quantity of an underlying asset at some time in the future, at a price which is agreed when the contract is executed.
  22. (Futures) A term used to designate all contracts covering the purchase and sale of financial instruments or physical commodities for future delivery on a commodity futures exchange.
  23. (Futures) refers to a type of wager involving the outcome of a season or tournament for a team or player.
  24. (Futures) Standardised forward contracts traded on a stock exchange under which a commodity traded in a money, capital, precious metal or currency market is to be delivered or accepted at a price fixed in an exchange environment.
  25. (Futures) Any bet placed on the future of a sporting team or player. For example, a wager that an American College Football player will be drafted in the first round, or that an NHL Hockey team will win the Stanley Cup.