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Large movable equipment, such as tables and chairs, used to make a house, office, or other space suitable for living or working,
  1. Large movable equipment, such as tables and chairs, used to make a house, office, or other space suitable for living or working

  2. A person's habitual attitude, outlook, and way of thinking
    • - the mental furniture of the European
  3. Small accessories or fittings for a particular use or piece of equipment
    • - computer hardware, software, and furniture
  4. The mountings of a rifle

  5. Pieces of wood or metal placed around or between metal type to make blank spaces and fasten the matter in the chase

  1. furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment"; "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"
  2. Furniture is the mass noun for the movable objects ('mobile' in Latin languages) intended to support various human activities such as seating and sleeping in beds, to hold objects at a convenient height for work using horizontal surfaces above the ground, or to store things. ...
  3. Furniture + 2 is the most recent EP released by American post-hardcore band Fugazi. It was recorded in January and February 2001, the same time that the band was recording their last album, The Argument, and released in October 2001 on 7" and on CD.
  4. Furniture was a British pop band, active from 1979 to 1991 and best known for their 1986 Top 30 hit "Brilliant Mind". ...
  5. "Furniture" is a song by Amy Studt which was released as a digital download single on December 3, 2007. It is Studt's first single released on the 19 Entertainment record label. It is taken from her forthcoming album My Paper Made Men. ...
  6. In typesetting, furniture is a term for pieces of wood that are shorter than the height of the type. These pieces are used to layout type by blocking out empty spaces (white space) in a layout set in a chase.
  7. The harness, trappings etc. of a horse or other animal; An item, or, used collectively, items, usually in a room, which enhance the room's characteristics, functionally and/or decoratively
  8. The additional items needed, which are screwed to one or both sides of the door to enable a lock or latch to be manually operated.
  9. includes living room; dining room; kitchen; bedroom; nursery; porch, lawn, and other outdoor furniture.
  10. is a general term; it includes within it many different items. If I ask you to form an image of furniture, it won't be easy to do. Do you see a department store display room? a dining room? an office? ...
  11. Typically Furniture, Storage, Screening and Partitions as componentized symbols.
  12. Words Covered: bed, sofa, furniture, table, chair, lamp, mirror, armchair, desk, bench, dresser, stool, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, lawnmower, light bulb, bed, pillow, blanket, bucket, trash-can or wastebasket, mop, washer, dryer
  13. Anything attached to the boards, e.g. clasps, metal cornerpieces, bosses.
  14. wood or metal blocks used to fill-up the blank spaces in a chase.
  15. Ceramic posts used in a kiln for shelves or glass.
  16. The metal parts of a rifle or shotgun (especially muzzle loaders) other than the barrel or receiver. The furniture may include the trigger guard, buttplate, nose cap, ramrod thimbles and the sideplate. ...
  17. Prefabricated re-usable objects made from clay for use within the muffle or firing chamber to support or separate the pipes or other product of the kiln.
  18. (includes room dividers, planters and plant stands)
  19. The whole moveable equipment of a ship, rigging, sails, spars, anchors, etc.
  20. is used to decorate rooms and as such indicates how you feel with regard to something else identified in the dream. For example, if the furniture belongs to a parent it indicates that the parent in question is the one influencing you negatively. ...
  21. any freestanding or custom-built article constructed to provide surfaces for sitting or storing objects, i.e. armoire, dressers, chaise lounge, ottoman, sectional sofa, writing desk, etc
  22. hardware for the doors and windows: hinges, locks, handles and fittings.
  23. Notions about self; self-image / Attitudes or habits you've developed from family or home life; beliefs that you 'furnish' your mind with / (see TABLE, BED, DESK, CHAIR, CUPBOARD, CARPET, etc.)
  24. Every type of furniture is cleaned and polished, from the plushest upholstery to the most functional metal chairs.
  25. All the metal fittings on hand or shoulder arms except the barrel, action and assembly.