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The resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another,
  1. The resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another
    • - a lubrication system that reduces friction
  2. The action of one surface or object rubbing against another
    • - the friction of braking
  3. Conflict or animosity caused by a clash of wills, temperaments, or opinions
    • - a considerable amount of friction between father and son

  1. clash: a state of conflict between persons
  2. the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another
  3. effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure
  4. (frictional) pertaining to or worked or produced by friction; "frictional electricity"; "frictional heat"; "frictional gearing"
  5. Friction is the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, or material elements sliding against each other. It may be thought of as the opposite of "slipperiness".
  6. Friction (Charlotte Yolanda Beck) is a fictional character appearing in the comic books published by Marvel Comics. She first appeared in D.P.7 #1, which was published under Marvel's New Universe imprint.
  7. Friction, the third and final album by Coney Hatch, was released in 1985. Drummer Dave Ketchum left prior to this release, to be replaced by Barry Connors, formerly of Toronto.
  8. Friction is the debut album by psychedelic progressive gothic rock composer Phideaux Xavier. It was released in 1993. It is not, however, considered as an official album by them
  9. Friction is the debut full length album from Christian rock band Stavesacre.
  10. (Frictional) usually for a short duration, people who are between jobs by choice because the last job was unfulfilling, didn't pay enough, they wanted to change jobs or for other reasons.
  11. (Frictions) The "stickiness" involved in making transactions; the total process including time, effort, money, and tax effects of gathering information and making a transaction such as buying a stock or borrowing money.
  12. Climbing technique relying on the friction between the sloped rock and the sole of the shoe to support the climber's weight, as opposed using holds or edges, cracks, etc.
  13. is a more deep tissue manipulation. Initially this massage technique was performed in such manner that the hands of the therapist were manipulating only the tissue beneath the skin. The surface skin would move with the hand of the therapist like a glove. ...
  14. A style of climbing that involves few positive holds and relies on balance, footwork and weight over the feet for grip on the rock face. Friction of climbing shoes is also used.
  15. is the deepest of Swedish massage strokes. This stroke encompasses deep, circular movements applied to soft tissue causing the underlying layers of tissue to rub against each other. The result causes an increase in blood flow to the massaged area.
  16. A disturbance which appears either on the high-points of a coin or in the fields, as a result of that coin rubbing against other objects. A coin is said to have friction when only the lustre is disturbed, and no actual wear of the metal is visible to the naked eye.
  17. Resistance to motion of one object over another. Friction depends on the smoothness of the contacting surfaces, as well as the force with which they are pressed together.
  18. the resisting force encountered at the common boundary between two bodies when, under the action of an external force, one body, moves or tends to move relative to the surface of the other.
  19. In meteorology, it is the turbulent resistance of the earth on the atmosphere. Considered as the resistance of fluids (air and water) to the relative motion of a solid body. The amount is dependent on the size and shape of the body.
  20. A force that opposes motion. Frictional forces convert mechanical motion into heat.
  21. The resistance to motion due to the contact of surfaces
  22. The accumulation of chance errors, unexpected difficulties, enemy actions, and confusion of battle.
  23. The resistance between two surfaces as they move against each other. For example, the friction between the soles of your shoes and the floor is what prevents you from slipping and falling down.
  24. Mechanical force exerted when skin is dragged across a coarse surface such as bed linens.
  25. a way that a form of energy, such as kinetic energy, is changed into another form, usually heat energy. Friction causes you to slow down when you are swinging. It also causes a spinning top to eventually fall over.