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freckles, plural;
  1. Cover or become covered with freckles
    • - skin that freckles easily
    • - a freckled face
  1. A small patch of light brown color on the skin, often becoming more pronounced through exposure to the sun

  1. a small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin
  2. become freckled; "I freckle easily"
  3. mark with freckles
  4. Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin which are most often visible on people with a fair complexion. A freckle is also called an "ephelis". Freckles do not have an increased number of melanin producing cells (melanocytes). This is in contrast to Lentigines and Moles. ...
  5. (Freckles (film)) Freckles is a 1960 film directed by Andrew McLaglen. It stars Martin West and Carol Christensen.
  6. (Freckles (novel)) Freckles is a novel written by the American writer and naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter. It is primarily set in the Limberlost Swamp area of Indiana, with brief scenes set in Chicago. The title character also appears briefly in Porter's A Girl of the Limberlost.
  7. (Freckled) (FRECK-eld) -- Said of petals or sepals covered with small dark-colored spots.
  8. (freckles) darkened, flat spots that typically appear only on sun-exposed areas of skin.
  9. (3. Freckles) Small brown spots that appear on the face and body, especially around the nose, are called “Freckles”. They are most often caused by the sun and are very common among those with red hair. Freckles are harmless and, in children, are considered very lovely.
  10. (Freckles) Areas of concentrated melanin that appear as flat, dark spots on the skin’s surface..
  11. (Freckles) For a woman to dream that her face is freckled, denotes that many displeasing incidents will insinuate themselves into her happiness. If she sees them in a mirror, she will be in danger of losing her lover to a rival.
  12. (Freckles) small clumps of coagulated melanin (freckel, frekle, frekel)
  13. (Freckles) small spots of pigmentation over the face and shoulders in some people (often redheads) which get darker when exposed to the sun.
  14. Having freckles on your arms is a sign of sensuality.
  15. A light or moderately brown spot that appears on the skin as a result of exposure to sunlight. Freckles are most common in people with fair complexions.
  16. A flat circular spot on the skin about the size of the head of a nail that develops after repeated exposure to sunlight, particularly in someone of fair complexion. Freckles may be red, yellow, tan, light-brown, brown, or black. ...