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The leading or most important position or place,
  1. The leading or most important position or place
    • - we are at the forefront of developments

  1. the part in the front or nearest the viewer; "he was in the forefront"; "he was at the head of the column"
  2. vanguard: the position of greatest importance or advancement; the leading position in any movement or field; "the Cotswolds were once at the forefront of woollen manufacturing in England"; "the idea of motion was always to the forefront of his mind and central to his philosophy"
  3. ForeFront Records is a Christian Music record label founded in 1987 by Dan R. Brock, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key, and Ron W. Griffin. It was purchased by EMI in 1996 from current owners Dan R. Brock and Eddie DeGarmo and is now part of the EMI Christian Music Group.
  4. The leading position or edge; the most advanced or newest thing
  5. delantera; primera fila; vanguardia