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The manner in which one moves one's feet in various activities such as sports and dancing,
  1. The manner in which one moves one's feet in various activities such as sports and dancing
    • - he speaks with other boxers, stopping to comment on punching angles and footwork
  2. Adroit response to sudden danger or new opportunities
    • - the company had to do a lot of nimble footwork to stay alive

  1. the manner of using the feet
  2. skillful maneuvering or dealing; "she needs some fancy footwork to cover all those lies"
  3. Footwork refers to dance technique aspects related to feet: foot position and foot action.
  4. Footwork is a martial arts and combat sports term for the general usage of the legs and feet in stand-up fighting. Footwork involves keeping balance, closing or furthering the distance, controlling spatial positioning, and/or creating additional momentum for strikes.
  5. The way a boxer moves and plants his feet which enables him to be well-balanced for throwing punches and ready to switch easily between defensive and offensive boxing.
  6. How a person moves to make a shot.
  7. A series of steps across the ice in straight, circular or serpentine movements to demonstrate skater's precision and agility.
  8. 1. n. the movement of the batsman's feet as he prepares to hit or evade the ball.
  9. The use of the five positions of the feet in dancing.
  10. Footwork is the name that we give to the movements with the feet that allow us to move up and down the piste while fencing.
  11. Sometimes known as "dance steps." Denotes a sequence of edges, usually containing turns such as threes and mohawks, forming a link between other freestyle or dance movements.
  12. a skating term covering, but not limited to, the following: stroking crossovers, three-turn, mohawk, choctaw, counter, rocker, bracket, step sequence, spiral and spiral sequence
  13. the ability to quickly maneuver the ball with the feet, as desired.
  14. The coordinated action of the lower body during the golf swing. (Tom Watson has some of the best footwork of any player in history).
  15. Description of the parts of the foot in contact with the floor on any given step.
  16. (FUT-werk)- 1. n. What a fencer's feet should be doing while fencing. 2. v. Practicing what your feet should be doing while fencing. 3. n. Biggest reason why people are late to fencing practice in Ann Arbor.
  17. A player attempts to place their feet in a position so they will be able to hit the ball hard and to place their shot where they want it to go. If a player's feet are in the wrong position then their shot will not be as effective as they would like it to be.
  18. Italian movents are linear with angles. This means they advance and attack on a line, stepping off the line to strike or dodge at an angle. They do not circle as the Spanish did in Destreza.
  19. As stated previously, you do not "dance" like you "walk." Understanding the correct footwork is an equally important phase of learning. When moving forward, always lead with the heel of the foot, instantly transferring the weight to the ball of that foot. ...
  20. The specific and deliberate placing of either/both partners feet to add stylistic impact to the dance, a more controlled look to the dance or to move yourself on the dance floor. Again, this is discussed in (extensive/boring) detail in various posts within this forum.
  21. A player's technique for moving most economically to the ideal position to play a stroke. Techniques include tango, side-step and cross-step.
  22. the part of breakdancing that involves dancing while on all fours