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fonts, plural;
  1. A set of type of one particular face and size

  1. a specific size and style of type within a type family
  2. baptismal font: bowl for baptismal water
  3. In typography, a font (also fount) is traditionally defined as a quantity of sorts composing a complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface. ...
  4. Font is a municipality in the district of Broye, in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland.
  5. A receptacle in a church for holy water - especially one used in baptism; A receptacle for oil in a lamp; spring, source, fountain
  6. (Fonts) A set of letters, numbers and symbols that share a unified design. Also commonly known as a typeface
  7. (fonts) Sets of typefaces (or characters) that come in different styles and sizes.
  8. (Fonts) A font is an alphabet designed in a particular style. Fonts apply both to screen and printed letters, Truetype and Type 1 fonts are stored as shape descriptions, scalable to any size,
  9. (Fonts) Also known as typefaces, are the style of the letters in your text. There are hundreds of different fonts, and graphic designers choose them with great care to convey their messages. ...
  10. (Fonts) Also known as typefaces, the official fonts for BYU-Idaho are Minion Pro and News Gothic. Times New Roman and Arial may substitute when the official fonts are unavailable.
  11. (Fonts) Computers have different fonts installed. If you specify a font the browser can't locate, another one will be substituted, changing the page's appearance. Some browsers let users override your font settings with their own, or change the default fixed and variable width font faces and sizes.
  12. (Fonts) Different types of letter style with various sizes
  13. (Fonts) Originally a font (or fount) referred to a complete set of characters for a typeface at a single type size. Since the advent of digital publishing - with DTP technology - the single type size reference has become redundant. ...
  14. (Fonts) The different styles in which words can appear on a screen (e.g. times new roman, helvetica, etc...).
  15. (Fonts) We made it a point to stcik to more of rounded fonts and not use any square fonts or capitals. This was to maintain consistency with the theme of our logo.
  16. (fonts) Groups of graphical character representations generally used to display strings of text. The characters may be roman letters, mathematical symbols, Asian ideograms, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and so on.
  17. (fonts) Some printers, notably dot-matrix printers, are limited to one or a few fonts. In contrast, laser and ink-jet printers are capable of printing an almost unlimited variety of fonts. ...
  18. Any fonts used in the production of art files should be converted to curves (outlines) prior to submission. If future typesetting will be required, the original font files must be included with the artwork file to be used on the supplier's specific computer platform (Mac or PC).
  19. You choose fonts for your text by highlighting the text, and pulling down the "Font" menu and selecting a font. You can add new fonts by dragging new fonts into the "Font" folder which is inside the "System Folder."
  20. The characters which make up a complete typeface and size.
  21. A character set (alphabet and numerals) of a specified design and size.
  22. A set of letters, numerals, and shapes, which conform to a specific set of design criteria.
  23. The collection of a typeface including the lower case, caps, numbers and special characters having unified design. This can be an important consideration when copy includes foreign terms or names with special characters. ...
  24. A specific style and group of letterforms consisting of one complete set of letters, numerals, symbols, and punctuation used for composing written communications in a given typeface. Typically provided in digital form (formerly available in hot metal and photographic composed typography). ...
  25. a typeface that contains the characters of an alphabet or some other letterforms.