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Coming after or as a result of,
  1. Next in time
    • - the following day there was a ceremony in St. Peter's Square
  2. About to be mentioned
    • - you are required to provide us with the following information
  3. (of a wind or sea) Blowing or moving in the same direction as the course of a vehicle or vessel

  1. Coming after or as a result of
    • - police are hunting for two men following a spate of robberies in the area
  1. A body of supporters or admirers
    • - he attracted a worldwide following
  2. What follows or comes next
    • - the following are both grammatically correct sentences

  1. following(a): about to be mentioned or specified; "the following items"
  2. a group of followers or enthusiasts
  3. immediately following in time or order; "the following day"; "next in line"; "the next president"; "the next item on the list"
  4. pursuit: the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture; "the culprit started to run and the cop took off in pursuit"
  5. going or proceeding or coming after in the same direction; "the crowd of following cars made the occasion seem like a parade"; "tried to outrun the following footsteps"
  6. Following is a 1998 neo-noir film directed by Christopher Nolan. It tells the story of a young man who follows strangers around the streets of London and is drawn into a criminal underworld when he fails to keep his distance. ...
  7. Following is a solitaire card game which uses a deck of playing cards. It is so called because a player has to follow a rotation of suits. It was first described in the book "Games of Patience" by M. ...
  8. "Following" is a song by female band The Bangles. It was the fifth and last single released off their album Different Light.
  9. A group of followers, attendants or admirers; an entourage; Something to be mentioned immediately later. Used with the definite article the; Coming next, either in sequence or in time; About to be specified; Blowing in the direction of travel; after, subsequent to
  10. (followingly) subsequently; as follows
  11. (Followed) Dwight D. Eisenhower
  12. (Followed) Sir Robert Sidney Foster
  13. People you are interested for following by subscribing to their updates or tweets.
  14. The ability of the follower to react correctly to the signals given by the leader through physical and visual connections.
  15. Like “friend,” following got an updated meaning to say “someone who is tracking a particular person, group, etc. on a social networking site.”
  16. Also known as seconding. To follow the path of the lead climber up a route, usually cleaning protection as you go.
  17. resultante; siguiente; séquito; acompañamiento; partidarios; profesión; carrera
  18. Business day convention. Payments or contractual transactions that fall on a non-business day are assumed to be executed on the following business day.
  19. This is when you are interested in following someone else on Twitter and want to automatically see their Twitter updates.
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  21. is subscribing to a Twitter user to get all of their tweets.
  22. of wind or sea, to be coming from astern
  23. people from whom you receive tweets.
  24. not available in abbreviated syntax
  25. The people who you are following on Twitter. You will receive all of their public tweets in your timeline. The number of people you are following listed on your Twitter profile is the number of people whose tweets you receive.