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followers, plural;
  1. An adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause, or activity
    • - a freethinker and follower of Voltaire
  2. A person who moves or travels behind someone or something

  1. a person who accepts the leadership of another
  2. someone who travels behind or pursues another
  3. (followers) following: a group of followers or enthusiasts
  4. Follower is a poem by Seamus Heaney released in his 1966 collection Death of a Naturalist. The poem is about how he admired and followed his father.
  5. In partner dancing, the two dance partners are never equal. One must be the Lead and the other will be the Follow.
  6. "Follower" is a short story by Orson Scott Card. It appears in his short story collection Maps in a Mirror.
  7. Followers is a term given to a group of playing positions in the game of Australian rules football - a ruckman, ruck rover, and rover.
  8. One who follows, comes after another; Something that comes after another thing; One who is a part of master's physical group, such as a servant or retainer; One who follows mentally, adherer to the opinions, ideas or teachings of another, a movement etc; An imitator, who follows another's ...
  9. (Followers) People who are subscribed of your updates or fondly known as Tweets.
  10. (Followers) are the people who subscribe to you and see your tweets. You do not have to follow someone for them to follow you.
  11. Followers are Twitter users who elect to follow your account. They will receive all of your public tweets in their timeline. The number of followers listed on your profile is the number of people who are receiving your tweets.
  12. (Followers) (a number of flying sheep move in your general direction)
  13. (Followers) Once you receive a lead you must execute everything under your own power. Leader's classify followers as follows: either they dance like a feather or they dance like a mack truck.
  14. (Followers) People who read your blog no matter how infrequently you post or how crappy your topic is. Also, people who just say they’re reading your blog because they wanted to win your giveaway.
  15. (Followers) The Twitter account holders who receive your commentary in their stream.
  16. (Followers) These are three players who follow the ball all over the field and they are called the ruck, rover and ruck-rover.
  17. Followers are a list of users that are following you. They have chosen to do so and are hopefully interested in what you might have to say. Rightly or wrongly trust on twitter can be based on followers. However I would urge you it is not a race or competition! ...
  18. (followership) The process of being guided and directed by a leader in the work environment.
  19. That part of the latchbolt or springbolt mechanism containing a square hole to admit the spindle (to which furniture is attached) which withdraws the springbolt when turned. It has one or two projections or horns which act on the bolt foot.
  20. in mechanical engineering, a mechanical component in a cam system that is driven through a pattern of displacements as it rests against a moving contoured surface. See cam.
  21. seguidor; criado; imitador; discípulo; partidario; secuaz; followers
  22. Circular lid used within hoop or mold to press down curd.
  23. A follower is a Twitter user who subscribes to another user's updates. When logged into their Twitter account, a follower will see a list of tweets from other users he or she is subscribed to, or "following."
  24. Someone who makes you feel special by choosing to 'subscribe' to you and see all of your tweets.
  25. A moving screen that follows fish to assist them to ascend fish lock shaft.