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flurries, plural;
  1. (esp. of snow or leaves) Be moved in small swirling masses by sudden gusts of wind
    • - gusts of snow flurried through the door
  2. (of a person) Move quickly in a busy or agitated way
    • - the waiter flurried between them
  1. A small swirling mass of something, esp. snow or leaves, moved by sudden gusts of wind
    • - a flurry of snow
  2. A sudden short period of commotion or excitement
    • - there was a brief flurry of activity in the hall
  3. A number of things arriving or happening during the same period
    • - a flurry of editorials hostile to the administration

  1. bustle: a rapid active commotion
  2. move in an agitated or confused manner
  3. a light brief snowfall and gust of wind (or something resembling that); "he had to close the window against the flurries"; "there was a flurry of chicken feathers"
  4. confuse: cause to feel embarrassment; "The constant attention of the young man confused her"
  5. This is a list of fictional characters who appear in the Mario series of video games developed by Nintendo, as well as spin-off media, such as books, comics, and animated series.
  6. The following is a list of fictional starships, cruisers, battleships, and other spacecraft in the Star Wars saga.
  7. (Flurries) Snow is a type of precipitation within the Earth's atmosphere in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes that fall from clouds. Since snow is composed of small ice particles, it is a granular material. ...
  8. A brief snowfall; A shower of dust, leaves etc. brought on by a sudden gust of wind; Any sudden activity; a stir; A snack consisting of soft ice cream studded small pieces of fruit, cookie, etc; To agitate, bewilder, disconcert; To move or fall in a flurry
  9. (Flurries) Light snow falling for short durations.  No accumulation or just a light dusting is all that is expected.
  10. (Flurries) called a “white out” or blizzard in any other location, but in New Hampshire is considered very light snow fall. This type of event is a necessary part of New Hampshire life, as without it, residents become storm-deprived, and begin to hallucinate.
  11. (Flurries) Intermittently falling snow, generally short-lived. Flurries are the solid equivalent of "Rain Showers".
  12. (Flurries) Popular term for a usually light and brief snow shower. Accumulations of snow are very light, such as a dusting, or none at all.
  13. (Flurries) are snowman-like creatures that appear in the icy regions of World 4 in Subcon in Super Mario Bros. 2. They are named for flurries, which are brief snowfalls. ...
  14. A drastic volume increase in a specific security.
  15. agitación; barullo; excitación; prisa; conmoción; ráfaga; chubasco; agitar; excitar; turbar; aturullar
  16. A period of light snow with usually little accumulation with occasional moderate snowfall.
  17. of snow, to fall lightly and for a short time.
  18. When a boxer throws several punches at a time