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flinches, 3rd person singular present; flinched, past tense; flinched, past participle; flinching, present participle;
  1. Make a quick, nervous movement of the face or body as an instinctive reaction to surprise, fear or pain
    • - she flinched at the acidity in his voice
    • - he had faced death without flinching
  2. Avoid doing or becoming involved in (something) through fear or anxiety
    • - I rarely flinch from a fight when I'm sure of myself
  1. An act of flinching
    • - “Don't call me that,” he said with a flinch

  1. draw back, as with fear or pain; "she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf"
  2. wince: a reflex response to sudden pain
  3. Flinch is glam rock band from Tampere, Finland formed in 2003. The first CD was “Tuulet”. It arrived third in the Finnish hit parade staying there for some weeks.
  4. Flinch is a card game, played with a custom deck, invented in 1901 by A.J. Patterson. This deck has 150 cards, consisting of ten sets numbered from one to fifteen. Some variations use a 144-card deck. It is based on "Spite and Malice".
  5. Flinch was a Vertigo Comics horror anthology.
  6. "Flinch" is a pop rock song written by Alanis Morissette, and produced by her for her sixth album, Under Rug Swept (2002).
  7. A reflexive jerking away; To make a sudden, involuntary movement in response to a (usually negative) stimulus
  8. (Flinching) Moving bow arm and/or drawing hand just before release.
  9. a) an involuntary muscular contraction usually resulting in jerking the gun just as it is fired, with a missed target resulting. b) inability to bend the finger to pull the trigger at all. The shooter is scored with a lost target.
  10. vacilar; acobardarse; retroceder; estremecerse
  11. 1 (DC/Vertigo, 1999). Lee drew an 8-page short story, where works in a new and more "clear" style, that later was used in the flasbacks scenes in his Batman: Hush storyline.