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flasks, plural;
  1. A container or bottle, in particular

  2. A narrow-necked glass container, typically conical or spherical, used in a laboratory to hold reagents or samples

  3. A metal container for storing a small amount of liquor, typically to be carried in one's pocket
    • - his silver flask of brandy
  4. A narrow-necked bulbous glass container, typically with a covering of wickerwork, for storing wine or oil

  5. A small glass bottle for perfume

  6. A vacuum flask

  7. The contents of any of these containers
    • - a flask of coffee

  1. bottle that has a narrow neck
  2. the quantity a flask will hold
  3. The Flux Advanced Security Kernel (FLASK) is an operating system security architecture that provides flexible support for security policies.
  4. A flask is a type of tooling used to contain a mold in metal casting. A flask has only sides, and no top or bottom, and forms a frame around the mold, which is typically made of molding sand. The shape of a flask may be square, rectangular, round or any convenient shape. ...
  5. A container used to discreetly carry a small amount of a hard alcoholic beverage; a pocket flask; Laboratory glassware used to hold larger volumes than test tubes, normally having a narrow mouth of a standard size which widens to a flat or spherical base; A container for holding a casting mold ...
  6. (flask·ing) 1: the act of investing in a flask 2: the process of investing the cast and a wax replica of the desired form in a flask preparatory to molding the restorative material into the desired product
  7. (Flasks) The upper 'and lower parts of a box which contain the mould into which molten metal is poured.
  8. (Flasks) Büchner · Erlenmeyer · Fleaker · Florence · Retort · Round-bottom · Schlenk · Volumetric
  9. a small container or bottle with a lid or stopper, which was used to store both fine powders and liquids, such as gunpowder or vinegar respectively, e.g., "his inventory revealed one gunn and a flask of powder."
  10. frasco; redoma; termo; matraz; hip flask
  11. The outer box holding the sand mold for a casting
  12. A metal frame used for making or holding a sand mold. The upper part is the cope and the bottom half is the drag.
  13. The unit of measurement for buying and selling mercury (quicksilver). A standard iron flask contains 76 pounds of mercury.
  14. A metal frame which holds the form for casting and commonly looks like a section of steel pipe.
  15. A box made of wood or metal to contain the sand.
  16. A clear container used for the laboratory germination of orchid seeds or for growing other laboratory micro propagated orchid seedlings.
  17. Any case, either of horn, wood, leather, shell or metal designed to carry and often measure and dispense a powder charge.
  18. Metal or wood frame, without a top and without a fixed bottom, used to hold the sand of which a mold is formed; usually consists of two parts, the cope and drag.
  19. F-L-A-S-K. A flask can have so many different shapes that it's best to fingerspell it, but if you know which kind, see related vocabulary: Erlenmeyer, filtering, Florence, and volumetric.
  20. A flattened bottle more convenient to fit in pocket, often molded with images of people or buildings - presidents and log cabins.
  21. The metallic container in which the wax or plastic model is placed and then surrounded by investment slurry.
  22. container for holding liquid
  23. A frame with which a pattern plate or matchplate is mounted onto or sandwiched between. This frame is split in half by the pattern forming the cope & drag. Each cope & drag flask is filled with sand to form the cope & drag mould.
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