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fireworks, plural;
  1. A device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in celebrations

  2. A display of fireworks
    • - they were oohing and aahing as if they were watching the fireworks
  3. An outburst of anger or other emotion, or a display of brilliance or energy
    • - when you put these men together, you're bound to get fireworks

  1. (usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames; can be used to illuminate areas or send signals etc.
  2. Teenage Dream is the third studio album and second mainstream album by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry. It was released in the United States on August 24, 2010.
  3. Fireworks are a class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. The most common use of a firework is as part of a fireworks display. ...
  4. (Fireworks (1947 film)) Fireworks (1947) is a homoerotic experimental film by Kenneth Anger. Filmed in his parents' Beverly Hills, California, home over a long weekend while they were away, the film stars Anger and explicitly explores themes of homosexuality and sado-masochism. ...
  5. (Fireworks (30 Rock)) "Fireworks" is the eighteenth episode of NBC's first season of 30 Rock. It was written by two of the season's co-executive producers Brett Baer and Dave Finkel, and it was directed by Beth McCarthy. It first aired on April 5, 2007 in the United States. ...
  6. (Fireworks (Animal Collective song)) "Fireworks" is the second single from Animal Collective's 2007 album, Strawberry Jam, released November 5, 2007 by Domino Records. Rather than including a b-side, the reverse side of the record is an etching. The video for this song premiered in July 2007. ...
  7. (Fireworks (Drake song)) "Fireworks" is a song by Canadian recording artist Drake from his debut album Thank Me Later. The song features singer Alicia Keys, who previously worked with Drake on the single "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)".
  8. (Fireworks (movie)) , released in the US as "Fireworks", is a 1997 Japanese film written, directed and edited by, and starring Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano. The film's score was composed by renowned Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi. This was their fourth collaboration. ...
  9. (Fireworks (play)) Fireworks is a set of three one-act plays about American life by Jon Swan. The set includes the plays The Report, Football, and Fireworks For a Hot Fourth. The work premiered Off-Broadway at the Village South Theatre on June 11, 1969 where it ran for a total of seven performances.
  10. A device using gunpowder and other chemicals which, when lit, emits a combination of coloured flames, sparks, whistles or bangs, and sometimes made to rocket high into the sky before exploding, used for entertainment or celebration
  11. (fireworks) Plural and collective of firework; An event or a display where fireworks are set off; An boisterous or violent situation or event
  12. The term "fireworks" includes any articles, devices, or substances prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or auditory sensation by combustion, explosion, deflagration, or detonation and includes, without limitation, the following articles and devices commonly known and used as fireworks ...
  13. (FIREWORKS) slang expression, used since WWII, for the amazing display of indirect and automatic firepower that the modern military can effectively bring to bear upon a target, especially awesome when viewed at night; also called "Fourth of July show", "sound and light show", and SHOCK 'n' AWE, ...
  14. (Fireworks) A bitmap and vector drawing computer program, originally developed by Macromedia but acquired by Adobe in 2005.
  15. (Fireworks) A device that is designed to be burned or ignited in order to yield a visible and/or audio effect.
  16. (Fireworks) An Adobe tool that just helps the user design and visualize their website. The site will then need to be converted to HTML.
  17. (Fireworks) An explosive device that produces an exciting display of coloured light and makes a loud noise.  Fireworks are usually used as part of a New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.
  18. (Fireworks) Dieter sat bare-assed on a 5-gallon bucket while a roll of firecrackers and bottle rockets inside were lit.
  19. (Fireworks) Graphics tool that comes with Macromedia Studio 8. If you downloaded the entire suite, you have Fireworks.
  20. (Fireworks) Prohibited for you, they'll be featured at several major burns every year. This year, the Serpent Mother, by the Flaming Lotus Girls of San Francisco provided one of the fantastic pyrotechnic shows; the Man Burn follows a huge pyrotechnic display.
  21. (Fireworks) This literally means "exploding paper."
  22. (Fireworks) are explosive devices used around the world in festivals, religious ceremonies, and cultural holidays. They produce different colors depending on what types of metals and chemicals are in the fireworks when it was ignited. ...
  23. (Fireworks) fridgeirsson on Flickr
  24. (fireworks) (2h)[S], POs away, FOs up, alt. rise and flick out index fingers. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - fireworks. (2) (2h)[S] alt. flick fingers out diagonaly away. For a movie of this sign, see Dictionary of Sign (ASL) - fireworks.
  25. Fireworks are sold under a different terms of sales. The above terms DO NOT apply to the sales of fireworks. Please contact us for details.