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feuds, plural;
  1. Take part in such a quarrel or violent conflict
    • - these two families have been feuding since the Civil War
    • - Hoover feuded with the CIA for decades
  1. A state of prolonged mutual hostility, typically between two families or communities, characterized by violent assaults in revenge for previous injuries
    • - the long-standing feud between two noble families
  2. A prolonged and bitter quarrel or dispute
    • - one of the most volatile feuds that currently rock the scientific community

  1. a bitter quarrel between two parties
  2. carry out a feud; "The two professors have been feuding for years"
  3. A feud (referred to in more extreme cases as a blood feud or vendetta or faida) is a long-running argument or fight between parties—often, through association fallacy, groups of people, especially families or clans. ...
  4. A professional wrestling feud is a staged rivalry between multiple wrestlers or alliances of wrestlers. They are integrated into ongoing storylines, particularly in events which are televised. ...
  5. Feud was an innovative 1987 computer game for the MSX and ZX Spectrum home computers, among others. The player takes on the role of the sorcerer Learic, cursed with aging, and must fight his evil twin Leanoric before his time runs out.
  6. A state of long-standing mutual hostility; In professional wrestling, when two rival wrestlers engage in a series of matches; often has an angle tied to it; To carry on a feud
  7. (feuding) Participation in feuds
  8. A series of matches and events between two wrestlers. Usually starting with some sort of angle and ending with a match or another angle.
  9. Feuds are prolonged conflicts between wrestlers that play out over the months in a number of matches. Heel wrestlers will rarely win clean- that is is win without cheating or otherwise putting the face at an unfair disadvantage. ...
  10. disputa o enemistad duradera; reñir; pelear
  11. When 2 or more wrestlers go at it EX: The Rock vs. Triple H
  12. A bitter, often prolonged quarrel or state of enmity and opposition.
  13. An issue between two wrestlers, tag teams or stables, the reason that they are interacting with and wrestling one another on more than one occasion. Ex. Edge and John Cena have been feuding for a long while.
  14. A series of matches between two wrestlers or two tag teams, usually face vs. heel though face feuds and heel feuds are not unknown.
  15. A feud is a state of hatred and killing between two groups of people. It is a war by one family or tribe against another. Often a feud can begin when a member of one tribe kills a member of another in a quarrel. ...
  16. Basically dislike between two wrestlers that leads to a match.
  17. A drawn-out rivalry between two or more wrestlers.
  18. a battle between two or more wrestlers or stables, often involving matches, promos, and angles. A feud usually lasts for several months.