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festivals, plural;
  1. A day or period of celebration, typically a religious commemoration
    • - a tabulation of saints' days and other festivals
    • - a festival atmosphere
  2. An annual celebration or anniversary
    • - highlights of this year's pumpkin festival
  3. An organized series of concerts, plays, or movies, typically one held annually in the same place
    • - numbers that are still heard at traditional jazz festivals

  1. a day or period of time set aside for feasting and celebration
  2. an organized series of acts and performances (usually in one place); "a drama festival"
  3. A festival is an event, usually and ordinarily staged by a local community, which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community.
  4. Home Box Office (commonly abbreviated as HBO), a subsidiary of the media conglomerate Time Warner, is an American premium cable television network that broadcasts in over 150 countries.
  5. A Festival is a type of observance in the Churches of the Anglican Communion, considered to be less significant than a Principal Feast or Principal Holy Day, but more significant than a Lesser Festival or Commemoration. ...
  6. Festival is the name of two films: * Festival (1967 film), documentary about the 1963-1965 Newport Folk Festivals * Festival (2005 film), comedy about performers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  7. Festival is the fourth release by the band Jon Oliva's Pain. Released in February 2010 in Europe, it peaked at #87 in the German MRC Radio Charts.
  8. Festival is the latest effort of the Turkish musician Kenan Doğulu. Reached commercial success in Turkey thanks to its hit single Çakkıdı (Kral TV Top 20's #1 as of September 3, 2006). ...
  9. (FESTIVALS) A public gathering of Witches, Wiccans and Pagans to share ideas. They generally are composed of from a few to a few hundred people. Often Festivals have workshops, Rituals and a lot of social sharing.
  10. (Festivals) Across Cerilia the various human and non-human peoples hold festivals to mark sacred events and the passing of time. These are listed in Time, seasons, and holidays.
  11. (Festivals) Krannert Center hosts the Ellnora Guitar Festival (formerly Wall to Wall Guitar Festival) every two years in September, beginning in 2005, which has featured artists such as Pat Metheny, Elliot Fisk, Andy Summers, Taj Mahal, Vernon Reid, Toubab Krewe, Campbell Brothers, The Romeros, ...
  12. (Festivals) Vishu  · Onam · Pooram ·
  13. Festivals are a means of bringing ideas, experiences, and customs to a broad public in a concentrated package over a brief period of time. ...
  14. Festivals are still a part of the Jewish culture today.
  15. Festivals were frequent in ancient Persia. For the ancient Persian herdsmen and farmers, the revival of nature in the spring was a terrestrial renewal of life, so people equated the New Year with the spring equinox. ...
  16. To dream of being at a festival, denotes indifference to the cold realities of life, and a love for those pleasures that make one old before his time. You will never want, but will be largely dependent on others.
  17. A special occasion during the church year.
  18. A time of religious celebration and special observances. Festivals generally recur yearly, their dates varying slightly according to astrological calculations. ...
  19. A convention of premies at which Maharaji and others in his retinue speak. Now generally referred to as a program.
  20. Fringe (7). The Edinburgh International Festival takes place every August. It features various arts activities, including music and theater. The Edinburgh Festival takes over the city for a couple of weeks every summer. ...
  21. The sale of ethnic, specialty, regional, and gourmet foods, arts and crafts, and the provision of live entertainment in an outdoor setting. A festival is a temporary use.
  22. can best be described as a slightly sweet, crispy cornmeal fritter that is frequently served in Jamaica with any Jamaican dish. Festivals go very well with Jerk dishes and spicy fish recipes where the sweet festivals provide a deliciously complementary taste. (See also Dumplings).
  23. A traditional celebration often of several days duration, involving many rituals of African Traditional Religion.  During the festivals all trokosi, even those on "temporary release", are called back to the shrines and are usually required to bring expensive offerings. ...
  24. Event at which films can often premiere
  25. (1) CELEBRATE. (2) (2h)[5], POs ><, tap thumbs on respective sides of chest. (3) HOLY DAY.