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feeding, present participle; feeds, 3rd person singular present; fed, past participle; fed, past tense;
  1. Give food to
    • - the raiders fed the guard dog to keep it quiet
    • - he fed her brownies he had just baked
  2. (esp. of an animal or baby) Take food; eat something
    • - morays emerge at night to feed
  3. Provide an adequate supply of food for
    • - the island's simple agriculture could hardly feed its inhabitants
  4. Derive regular nourishment from (a particular substance)
    • - the bird feeds on cliff-top vegetation
    • - his powerful mind fed off political discussion
  5. Encourage the growth of
    • - I could feed my melancholy by reading Romantic poetry
  6. Give fertilizer to (a plant)

  7. Put fuel on (a fire)

  8. Supply (a machine) with material, power, or other things necessary for its operation
    • - the programs are fed into the computer
  9. Supply (someone) with (information, ideas, etc.)
    • - I think he is feeding his old employer commercial secrets
  10. Supply water to (a body of water)
    • - the pond is fed by a small stream
    • - water feeds into the lower pool
  11. Insert further coins into (a meter) to extend the time for which it operates

  12. Prompt (an actor) with (a line)
    • - you were still in the wings feeding Micky his lines
  13. (in ball games) Pass (the ball) to a player
    • - he took the ball and fed Salley
  14. Distribute (a broadcast) to local television or radio stations via satellite or network
    • - programs that the national networks feed to local stations
  15. Cause to move gradually and steadily, typically through a confined space
    • - make holes through which to feed the cables
  1. An act of giving food, esp. to animals or a baby, or of having food given to one
    • - I've just given the horse her feed
  2. A meal
    • - how 'bout I fix up a nice hot feed?
  3. Food for domestic animals
    • - cow feed
  4. A device or conduit for supplying material to a machine
    • - the plotter has a continuous paper feed
  5. The supply of raw material to a machine or device
    • - a feed pipe
  6. A broadcast distributed by satellite or network from a central source to a large number of radio or television stations
    • - a satellite feed from Washington
  7. A line or prompt given to an actor on stage

  8. An actor who provides such a line or prompt

  1. food for domestic livestock
  2. provide as food; "Feed the guests the nuts"
  3. give food to; "Feed the starving children in India"; "don't give the child this tough meat"
  4. feed into; supply; "Her success feeds her vanity"
  5. introduce continuously; "feed carrots into a food processor"
  6. support or promote; "His admiration fed her vanity"
  7. Front-end loading (FEL), also referred to as pre-project planning (PPP) or front-end engineering design (FEED), is the process for conceptual development of processing industry projects. ...
  8. Feed is a 2005 film directed by Brett Leonard. The plot involves a police investigation of the sexual fetish of feederism, where the 'feeder' will feed 'gainers' (a woman who gets sexual pleasure from gaining weight and eating).
  9. Feed (2002) is a dystopian novel of the cyberpunk genre by M. T. (Matthew Tobin) Anderson. The story mostly revolves around a teenaged boy and his relationship with a girl. ...
  10. Feed or was one of the earliest e-zines that relied entirely on its original online content. Feed was founded by Stefanie Syman and Steven Johnson in 1995, and soon found a devoted online following. ...
  11. Attack of the Show! (AOTS) is an American live television program shown weeknights on G4, G4 Tech TV in Canada and Fuel TV in Australia. The program is hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn. Attack of the Show! ...
  12. (Feeding) Eating is the ingestion of food to provide for all humans and animals nutritional needs, particularly for energy and growth. Animals and other heterotrophs must eat in order to survive: carnivores eat other animals, herbivores eat plants, and omnivores consume a mixture of both. ...
  13. Food given to (especially herbivorous) animals; Something supplied continuously; as, a satellite feed; A gathering to eat, especially in quantity; Encapsulated online content, such as news or a blog, that can be subscribed to; to give food to eat, nurture; to eat (usually of animals); To ...
  14. (fee) A monetary payment charged for professional services; An estate of inheritance in land, either absolute and without limitation to any particular class of heirs (fee simple) or limited to a particular class of heirs (fee tail); An inheritable estate in land held of a feudal lord on ...
  15. (Feeding) At some point during a long road race it is necessary for riders to replace expended energy. Riders are given a "musette," a small cloth bag, containing food and water bottles. ...
  16. (Feeding) The process of supplying molten metal to compensate for volume shrinkage while the casting is solidifying.
  17. (FEEDING) Pets will be fed, where possible, with the same diet as 'at home' and nominally at their usual feed times. Where the pets normal food is not stocked clients should provide sufficient 'own food' for the duration of the stay. ...
  18. (Feeding) As spiders digest food externally, they ingest liquids only. After catching prey, they bite holes into the body wall and exude enzymes into and onto prey. The enzymes convert the prey's tissues to a soup, which is then sucked up.
  19. (Feeding) Be sure the right baby gets the right milk
  20. (Feeding) The act of consuming blood (or, in the case of psi or energy vampires, pranic energy) from someone (or an animal). (See also the "Hunger", the "Thirst", and the "Need".)
  21. (Feeding) The act of dressing a mojo bag with oil, or a lodestone with oil/magnetic sand to nourish it and keep it strong to work for you.
  22. (Feeding) The action of forcing successive cartridges from a firearms magazine into its chamber.
  23. (Feeding) The patient is considered markedly restricted in feeding if all or substantially all the time, he or she:
  24. (Feeding) The process of acquiring food. Some animals specialize in particular types of food. Animals that specialize in fish are called piscivorous; animals that specialize in insects are called insectivorous. Omnivorous describes the many species of animals that feed on what is available. ...
  25. (Feeding) The role the heel plays during a babyface's comback where he repeatedly is fended off by the face with a series of bumps that is hoped to generate heat. A face can also feed the heel in hopes of gaining fan support.