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federations, plural;
  1. A group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs
    • - should the world be governed by a Pax Americana or by a democratic UN federation?
  2. An organization or group within which smaller divisions have some degree of internal autonomy
    • - the best tag team in the World Wrestling Federation
  3. The action of forming states or organizations into a single group with centralized control
    • - a first step in the federation of Europe

  1. an organization formed by merging several groups or parties
  2. confederation: a union of political organizations
  3. the act of constituting a political unity out of a number of separate states or colonies or provinces so that each member retains the management of its internal affairs
  4. (federated) federate: united under a central government
  5. The Terran Federation, sometimes simply called The Federation, is the primary stellar government featured in the British Blake's 7 science-fiction television series of the late 1970s. It is portrayed as a ruthless, quasi-fascist, totalitarian state.
  6. Escape Velocity Nova (a.k.a. EV Nova or EVN) is a computer game by Ambrosia Software, in collaboration with ATMOS. It is the third game in the Escape Velocity series of space trading & combat games.
  7. Federation is a collection of short stories written by H. Beam Piper, and edited by John F. Carr. The book was published in 1981 by Ace Books, and again in 1982, 1983 and 1986. Most of these stories take place in the early part of his Terro-Human Future History.
  8. A Federation is multiple computing and/or network providers agreeing upon standards of operation in a collective fashion. The term may be used when describing the inter-operation of two distinct, formally disconnected, telecommunications networks that may have different internal structures. ...
  9. Federation (1994) a science fiction novel, written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, is a tie-together chronicle that brings the original Enterprise adventures of James T. Kirk close to an encounter with the Enterprise-D adventures of Jean-Luc Picard.
  10. The United Federation of Planets (also known as "The Federation" or UFP) is a fictional interplanetary federal republic depicted in the Star Trek television series and motion pictures. ...
  11. Act of joining together into a single political entity; Array of nations or states that are unified under one central authority which is elected by its members; Any society or organisation formed from separate groups or bodies; Of an architectural style popular around the time of federation
  12. (federations) such as the Ashanti Union. kingdoms where the external affairs are regulated by a council of elders headed by the king, who is simply primus inter pares.
  13. (Federated) Denotes computing practices that provide a global infrastructure enabling local access and administration of data, while making that data appear to be centrally located for remote access and analysis.
  14. (Federated) Refers to the Federated chain of department stores including Bloomingdale’s, Bon Marche, Burdines, Goldsmiths, Lazarus, Macy’s East, Macy’s West and Rich’s. When merchandise is described as “Federated” it is from this chain of fine department stores. ...
  15. Federated States of Micronesia
  16. A union of states into one nation, which involves giving up some powers and responsibilities to a national government
  17. An iRODS server is capable of communicating with other iRODS servers, in this way forming a Federation. Multiple iRODS federations can exist, with some aware of others. A user with appropriate permissions can access data objects stored under any iRODS/iCAT system in the Federation. ...
  18. The unification of Australian Colonies which formed the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January 1901.
  19. A form of government in which powers and functions are divided between a central government and a number of political subdivisions that have a significant degree of political autonomy.
  20. Resource federation permits the interconnection of independently-owned and autonomously-administered infrastructures in a way that permits owners to declare resource allocation and usage policies for substrate infrastructure under their control, operators to manage the network substrate, and ...
  21. Members of a federation system depend on each other to authenticate their respective users and vouch for their access to services offered by other members of the federation. [GSA] (see also access, access control, assurance level, federated identity, relying party, system, users)
  22. is an alliance which has gone one step further in recognising that the commonality of objectives is of a continuing nature, and the shared objective can be furthered by giving a stable and formal character to the alliance. ...
  23. A system of government that has two levels which share responsibilities.  Typically, the national level of government looks after national concerns (currency, defense, monetary policy, and so on) while the provincial or state level looks after regional concerns (health, education and so on). ...
  24. Federation is the act of combining data or identities across multiple systems. Federation can be done by a cloud provider or by a cloud broker.
  25. A federation is an association of organisations that come together to exchange information as appropriate about their users and resources in order to enable collaborations and transactions.