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favour 中文解釋 wordnet sense Collocation Usage
  1. favor: a feeling of favorable regard
  2. favor: treat gently or carefully
  3. favor: an inclination to approve; "that style is in favor this season"
  4. privilege: bestow a privilege upon
  5. favor: an advantage to the benefit of someone or something; "the outcome was in his favor"
  6. prefer: promote over another; "he favors his second daughter"
  7. favor: consider as the favorite; "The local team was favored"
  8. party favor: souvenir consisting of a small gift given to a guest at a party
  9. favor: an act of gracious kindness
  10. (The Favours) The Favours were a four-piece indie rock band from Kingston upon Hull, England.
  11. A piece of help, usually to be repaid; To look upon fondly; to prefer; To do a favour (noun sense 1) for; to show beneficence toward
  12. ar, f; geearnung; milts
  13. kind act (beyond due/usual), goodwill, kindness, approval, gift (token of goodwill/regard/love), esteem, aid, support, badge, promote, facilitate
  14. A token (usually an decorated piece of cloth or ribbon) given by another person as a token of esteem/respect/love/etc. It is often given to a combat participant by someone who brings honour to thier efforts on the field; i.e. a knight fighting for a lady's honour.