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fatigues, plural;
  1. Cause (someone) to feel tired or exhausted
    • - they were fatigued by their journey
  2. Reduce the efficiency of (a muscle or organ) by prolonged activity

  3. Weaken (a material, esp. metal) by repeated variations of stress

  1. Extreme tiredness, typically resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness
    • - he was nearly dead with fatigue
  2. A reduction in the efficiency of a muscle or organ after prolonged activity

  3. Weakness in materials, esp. metal, caused by repeated variations of stress
    • - metal fatigue
  4. A lessening in one's response to or enthusiasm for something, typically as a result of overexposure to it
    • - museum fatigue
  5. A group of soldiers ordered to perform menial, nonmilitary tasks, sometimes as a punishment

  6. Loose-fitting clothing, typically khaki, olive drab, or camouflaged, of a sort worn by soldiers when performing such menial tasks or while on active duty
    • - battle fatigues

  1. temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work; "he was hospitalized for extreme fatigue"; "growing fatigue was apparent from the decline in the execution of their athletic skills"; "weariness overcame her after twelve hours and she fell asleep"
  2. tire: lose interest or become bored with something or somebody; "I'm so tired of your mother and her complaints about my food"
  3. used of materials (especially metals) in a weakened state caused by long stress; "metal fatigue"
  4. tire: exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress; "We wore ourselves out on this hike"
  5. (always used with a modifier) boredom resulting from overexposure to something; "he was suffering from museum fatigue"; "after watching TV with her husband she had a bad case of football fatigue"; "the American public is experiencing scandal fatigue"; "political fatigue"
  6. fatigue duty: labor of a nonmilitary kind done by soldiers (cleaning or digging or draining or so on); "the soldiers were put on fatigue to teach them a lesson"; "they were assigned to kitchen fatigues"
  7. In materials science, fatigue is the progressive and localized structural damage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loading. The nominal maximum stress values are less than the ultimate tensile stress limit, and may be below the yield stress limit of the material.
  8. Fatigue (also called exhaustion, lethargy, languidness, languor, lassitude, and listlessness) is a state of awareness describing a range of afflictions, usually associated with physical and/or mental weakness, though varying from a general state of to a specific work-induced burning sensation ...
  9. Fatigue is a major safety concern in many fields, but especially in transportation, because fatigue can result in disastrous accidents. Fatigue is considered an internal precondition for unsafe acts because it negatively affects the human operator's internal state. ...
  10. (Fatigues) Battledress, in the general sense, is the type of uniform used as combat uniforms, as opposed to 'display' dress or formal uniform worn at parades and functions. It may be either monochrome (often a shade of green or brown) or in a camouflage pattern. ...
  11. (Fatigues (uniform)) A uniform is a set of standard clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity. ...
  12. (The Fatigues) "The Fatigues" is the 140th episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. This was the sixth episode for the eighth season. It aired on October 31, 1996.
  13. A weariness caused by exertion; exhaustion; A menial task, especially in the military; A type of material failure due to cumulative effects of cyclic loading; to tire or make weary by physical or mental exertion; to lose so much strength or energy that one becomes tired, weary, feeble or exhausted
  14. (fatigued) Tired; weary
  15. (Fatigued) a structural failure of the filter medium due to flexing caused by cyclic differential pressure.
  16. (FATIGUES) Standard combat uniform, green.
  17. (FATIGUES) army wear, clothes. So these make soldiers tired, fatigued? Maybe they are too heavy? lf so, why don’t they get rid of them given their need for quick response? Or are they just tired of wearing the same thing every day? Why not just call them “energetiques” or simply “get-up-and-goes”?
  18. A lack of energy or a feeling of being tired following exercise, physical exertion, and insufficient calorie intake. (There are also medical causes.)
  19. Complaints of being tired, experiencing a lack of sleep or a generalized tiredness.
  20. In terms of training and exercise it may be defined as: The failure of one or more neuromuscular energy systems (phosphagen, glycolysis, & oxidative systems), cause by repetitive movements (exercising), of given intensities (intrinsic/extrinsic resistance loads, etc. ...
  21. To feel fatigued in a dream, foretells ill health or oppression in business. For a young woman to see others fatigued, indicates discouraging progress in health.
  22. Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or a sense of having low energy that may lead to a decrease in a person's ability to perform work or daily activities.
  23. The phenomenon leading to fracture under repeated or fluctuating stresses having a maximum value less than the tensile strength of the material. Fatigue fractures are progressive, beginning as minute cracks that grow under the action of the fluctuating stress.
  24. Short term sensation of tiredness and reduced performance.
  25. The progressive fracture of a steel by means of a crack which spreads under repeated cycles of stress.