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familiarities, plural;
  1. Close acquaintance with or knowledge of something
    • - increase customer familiarity with a product
  2. The quality of being well known; recognizability based on long or close association
    • - the reassuring familiarity of his parents' home
  3. Relaxed friendliness or intimacy between people
    • - familiarity allows us to give each other nicknames
  4. Inappropriate and often offensive informality of behavior or language
    • - the unnecessary familiarity made me dislike him at once

  1. acquaintance: personal knowledge or information about someone or something
  2. usualness by virtue of being familiar or well known
  3. close or warm friendship; "the absence of fences created a mysterious intimacy in which no one knew privacy"
  4. casualness: a casual manner
  5. an act of undue intimacy
  6. An intimate relationship is a particularly close interpersonal relationship. It can be defined by these characteristics: enduring behavioral interdependence, repeated interactions, emotional attachment, and need fulfillment.
  7. The state of being extremely friendly; intimacy; Undue intimacy; Sexual intimacy; Informality; impertinence; An instance of familiar behaviour; Close or habitual acquaintance with someone; recognizability
  8. Any kind of aspect or reception between two planets.
  9. familiaridad; intimidad; confianza; conocimiento
  10. a relation into which fools are providentially drawn for their mutual destruction.
  11. How familiar you are with the text or the subject matter will have a great influence on how quickly you are able to read
  12. Essentially a form of availability bias, where available information is familiar information.
  13. A term used by Ptolemy to indicate an aspect or parallel between two bodies; or their mutual disposition, as when each is in the other's Sign or House.