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experiments, plural;
  1. Perform a scientific procedure, esp. in a laboratory, to determine something
    • - she experimented on chickens as well as mice
  2. Try out new concepts or ways of doing things
    • - the designers experimented with new ideas in lighting
  1. A scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact
    • - laboratory experiments on guinea pigs
    • - I have tested this by experiment
  2. A course of action tentatively adopted without being sure of the eventual outcome
    • - the previous experiment in liberal democracy had ended in disaster

  1. the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
  2. to conduct a test or investigation; "We are experimenting with the new drug in order to fight this disease"
  3. the testing of an idea; "it was an experiment in living"; "not all experimentation is done in laboratories"
  4. try something new, as in order to gain experience; "Students experiment sexually"; "The composer experimented with a new style"
  5. a venture at something new or different; "as an experiment he decided to grow a beard"
  6. (experimental) relating to or based on experiment; "experimental physics"
  7. Experiments is the step in the scientific method that arbitrates between competing models or hypotheses. Experimentation is also used to test existing theories or new hypotheses in order to support them or disprove them. ...
  8. Experiment (Эксперимент, lit. Eksperiment) is a 1988 Soyuzmultfilm's satirical animated film about the bureaucrats directed by Yefim Gamburg and written by Michail Gurevich and Olgert Libkin. It was created in traditional hand-drawn animation technique.
  9. Experiment is a dedicated deck card game for 3-6 players designed by Tim De Rycke and Sander Vernyns.
  10. Experiment was a steam locomotive designed and built by Richard Roberts in 1830 for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway (L&MR). The locomotive had vertical cylinders driving via bell cranks.
  11. An experiment is any procedure that can be infinitely repeated and has a well defined set of outcomes. Examples include tossing a coin or rolling a die.
  12. The Experiment was a documentary series broadcast on BBC television in 2002. It presented the findings of what subsequently became known as The BBC Prison Study (Reicher & Haslam, 2006)
  13. A test under controlled conditions made to either demonstrate a known truth, examine the validity of a hypothesis, or determine the efficacy of something previously untried; Experience, practical familiarity with something; To conduct an experiment; To experience; to feel; to perceive; to ...
  14. (Experimental) Medical treatment which is not generally accepted within the medical profession. Insurance policies sometimes do not cover these procedures. Companies often disagree with doctors on whether a speciic procedure or treatment is experimental.
  15. (Experimental) New treatments, procedures or drugs that are being tested. Insurance companies do not usually pay for anything that is considered experimental.
  16. experimental environment; interaction of history ARRANGEMENTS and treatment; external validity threat; one treatment affecting a subsequent treatment
  17. (Experimental) A general term surrounding electronic music without predefined genres.
  18. (Experimental) A medical, surgical, diagnostic, or other health care services, technologies, supplies, treatments, procedures, drug therapies or devices that the Company determines as experimental, subject is of an ongoing clinical trial, not demonstrated through prevailing pre-reviewed medical ...
  19. (Experimental) A type of marketing that creates an experience (such as an event) that the customer takes part in, with the purpose of creating a stronger emotional connection with a brand.
  20. (Experimental) Hepatitis B vaccine trials, conducted by the CDC, begin in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  21. (Experimental) N-1M · N-9M · MX-324 · X-4 · M2-F2 · M2-F3 · HL-10 · Tacit Blue · X-21
  22. (Experimental) Term used to denote a therapy (drug, device, procedure) that is unproven or not yet scientifically validated in terms of safety and efficacy. A procedure may be considered “experimental” without necessarily being part of a formal study to evaluate its usefulness.
  23. (Experimental) Terms in your insurance contract describing a possible category of excluded services under the plan. Each plan may have different criteria to define what it considers experimental and investigational. This can be challenged.
  24. (Experimental) the stage during which individuals become aware that a substance makes them feel good.
  25. The experimental repository is an incomplete distribution which developers can use to try out versions of software not intended to migrate to testing, and which users are warned not to install