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(of an action) Convenient and practical, although possibly improper or immoral,
  1. (of an action) Convenient and practical, although possibly improper or immoral
    • - either side could break the agreement if it were expedient to do so
  2. (of an action) Suitable or appropriate
    • - holding a public inquiry into the scheme was not expedient
  1. A means of attaining an end, esp. one that is convenient but considered improper or immoral
    • - the current policy is a political expedient

  1. a means to an end; not necessarily a principled or ethical one
  2. serving to promote your interest; "was merciful only when mercy was expedient"
  3. appropriate to a purpose; practical; "in the circumstances it was expedient to express loyalty"
  4. (expediently) in an expedient manner
  5. (expedience) opportunism: taking advantage of opportunities without regard for the consequences for others
  6. (expediency) expedience: the quality of being suited to the end in view
  7. An easy or simple method; a shortcut; Simple, easy, or quick; convenient; Governed by self-interest, often short-term self-interest
  8. (expediency) The quality of being fit or suitable to effect some desired end or the purpose intended; suitability for particular circumstance or situation; Pursuit of the course of action that brings the desired effect even if it is unjust or unprincipled; Haste; dispatch; An expedient
  9. (expedience) Competitive edge often comes from being first to market, in such cases, technical accuracy may be sacrificed for speed.
  10. (expediency) (n) - that which is advisable or practical
  11. (expediency) appropriate for the purpose at hand
  12. proper under the circumstances
  13. appropriate or useful in attaining a particular goal
  14. Necessary, advisable.
  15. a means to an end; advantageous, useful