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existences, plural;
  1. The fact or state of living or having objective reality
    • - the plane was the oldest Boeing remaining in existence
    • - the need to acknowledge the existence of a problem
  2. Continued survival
    • - she helped to keep the company alive when its very existence was threatened
  3. A way of living
    • - living in a city was more expensive than a rural existence
  4. Any of a person's supposed current, future, or past lives on this earth
    • - reaping the consequences of evil deeds sown in previous existences
  5. A being or entity

  6. All that exists

  1. being: the state or fact of existing; "a point of view gradually coming into being"; "laws in existence for centuries"
  2. universe: everything that exists anywhere; "they study the evolution of the universe"; "the biggest tree in existence"
  3. (exist) have an existence, be extant; "Is there a God?"
  4. (exist) support oneself; "he could barely exist on such a low wage"; "Can you live on $2000 a month in New York City?"; "Many people in the world have to subsist on $1 a day"
  5. (existent) having existence or being or actuality; "an attempt to refine the existent machinery to make it more efficient"; "much of the beluga caviar existing in the world is found in the Soviet Union and Iran"
  6. (existent) real: being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory; "real objects"; "real people; not ghosts"; "a film based on real life"; "a real illness"; "real humility"; "Life is real! Life is earnest!"- Longfellow
  7. In common usage, existence is the world we are aware of through our senses, and that persists independently without them. ...
  8. Existence is the second album by the German progressive metal band, Dark Suns. For this release, the band dropped the harsh vocals that were used for the band's previous album, Swanlike.
  9. Exitstance (or Exit-Stance) were a British anarcho-punk band on Mortarhate Records. They toured Europe with Crass and Conflict. Their only LP release was titled While Backs are Turned,and the E.P:Crime Against Humanity on(fight back).
  10. "Existence (Part 2)" is the 181st episode and the eighth season finale of the science fiction television series The X-Files. The episode first aired in the United States on May 20, 2001 on Fox, and subsequently aired in the United Kingdom. ...
  11. The Existence EP was the only EP released by the Christian rock band Forever Changed, released in 2004. It was their only album, put out two different times by the two different record companies Independent record label and Floodgate Records.
  12. Exist may refer to: *eXist, an open source database management system built on XML *Existence
  13. The state of being, existing, or occurring; beinghood; empirical reality; the substance of the physical universe Dictionary of Philosophy; 1968
  14. (exist) to be; have existence; have being or reality
  15. (existing) that exists, or has existence, especially that exists now
  16. (EXISTENCES) The Arabic word wujud , expresses a substance, or essence, or existence. According to Muhammadan writers (see Ghiyasu 'l-Lughah), existences are of three kinds: Wajibu 'l-wujud, "a necessary existence", eg Almighty God; mumkinu 'l-wujud, "a possible existence," eg "the human kind," ...
  17. (eXist) acronym of:Native XML database
  18. (exist) (v) caşarģa, kеçinirgе
  19. (existing) Buildings, facilities or conditions which are already in existence. This standard is designed to be used to inspect existing commercial properties.
  20. (EXISTING) when the trainee does not fit the eligibility criteria of the new trainee, the employer may still be eligible for the incentive payments and pay the RTO an agreed amount to provide the training
  21. (Existing) Agricultural Union · Amana · HaMerkaz HaHakla'i · HaOved HaTzioni · Hapoel HaMizrachi · Hitahdut HaIkarim · Kibbutz Movement · Mishkei Herut Beitar · Moshavim Movement · Poalei Agudat Yisrael · Religious Kibbutz Movement
  22. (Existing) An item, architectural element, applied decoration, furniture or finish that is already in a space when the project begins.
  23. (Existing) Available or “on the shelf” (e.g., data, specimens) at the time or before the research is submitted for a determination of whether the research is exempt.
  24. (Existing) for purposes of these guidelines, existing means that an underground tank, piping, motor fuel dispensing system, facility, community water system, or potable drinking water well is in place when a new installation or replacement of an underground tank, piping, or motor fuel dispensing ...
  25. (existing) means in effect on the date of entry into force of this Agreement;