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eruptions, plural;
  1. An act or instance of erupting
    • - the eruption of Vesuvius
    • - magma is stored in crustal reservoirs before eruption
  2. A sudden outpouring of a particular substance from somewhere
    • - successive eruptions of lava from volcanic cones
  3. A sudden outbreak of something, typically something unwelcome or noisy
    • - a sudden eruption of street violence
  4. A spot, rash, or other prominent and reddish mark appearing suddenly on the skin

  1. volcanic eruption: the sudden occurrence of a violent discharge of steam and volcanic material
  2. symptom consisting of a breaking out and becoming visible
  3. (of volcanos) pouring out fumes or lava (or a deposit so formed)
  4. outbreak: a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition); "the outbreak of hostilities"
  5. bang: a sudden very loud noise
  6. the emergence of a tooth as it breaks through the gum
  7. Eruption is the third and final full-length album by German experimental music trio Kluster. It is also the only live recording issued by Kluster.
  8. Eruption was a popular disco / R&B / Soul band in the 1970s and 1980s.
  9. Eruption was a short-lived German krautrock or experimental music super group founded by former Tangerine Dream member and then current Kluster member Conrad Schnitzler.
  10. "Eruption" is a guitar solo written and performed by Eddie Van Halen. Eruption often appears on many 'greatest guitar solos' lists. It is often played together with "You Really Got Me," which follows the song on the album Van Halen.
  11. (Erupt) A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in a planet's surface or crust, which allows hot magma, ash and gases to escape from below the surface.
  12. a violent ejection, such as the spurting out of lava from a volcano; a sudden release of pressure or tension; an infection of the skin resulting in a rash or blemishing
  13. (erupt) to violently eject; to spontaneously release pressure or tension
  14. (Eruptions) when the pressure of the magma inside a volcano becomes so great that the volcano splits and the magma gets out.
  15. (eruptions) (in  volcano (geology): Mauna Loa, Hawaii, 1984)
  16. (Erupt) (of a volcano, geyser, etc.) to eject matter.
  17. The process of the tooth appearing in the mouth.
  18. Oxidation (corrosion) which has resulted in surface bubbles.
  19. Process of teeth protruding through the gums
  20. Generally, a tooth that has broken through the gingival tissue, becoming visible in the mouth.
  21. the release of pressure that sends lava, rocks, ash, and gases out of a volcano.
  22. the escape of gases, steam and lava from within the crust to the surface or into the atmosphere. May be explosive enough to also send pyroclastic material, such as rocks and dust, into the air at the same time.
  23. the ejection of volcanic materials (lava, pyroclastics, volcanic gases) onto the earth’s surface. It is usually a violent phenomenon, although an eruption may be relatively calm.
  24. Occurs when solid, liquid, or gaseous volcanic materials are ejected into the Earth's atmosphere or surface by volcanic activity. Eruptions may occur as quiet lava flows or violent explosive events.
  25. The ejection of water from a geyser, synonym for "play".