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  1. registration: the act of enrolling
  2. (enrol) enroll: register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members"
  3. (enrol) Alternative spelling of enroll
  4. (Enrol) Is the action of signing up, or applying for Government services.
  5. (verb) To enrol means to join a course. In American English it is spelt enroll. The noun form is enrolment (enrollment US)
  6. Enrol is the term used for signing up for the courses you will take in a particular year or term. At York, the only way to enrol in courses is through the Internet.
  7. You enrol in core and/or elective/option topics. Enrolment in topics will result in student contribution amounts or tuition fees being charged to your Fee Account.
  8. Registration for a particular course of study (see: Immatriculation) or a particular lecture course.
  9. In the "Details" section of eINFO, "Enrolment" indicates the number of students who enrolled in the first year of that program in the previous academic year. This number will vary each year, according to the number and quality of applicants. ...
  10. The act of enrolling or having one's name added to the list of electors entitled to vote.
  11. The registration of a person with an education or training provider for the purpose of undertaking a program or course.
  12. the process where students become registered students of the University.
  13. A record of a student reported to the Ministry as receiving an educational program. A student may be recorded and counted as an enrolment in more than one school. Enrolment counts include the records of all adults and school-age persons who are working towards graduation. ...
  14. The act of having your name placed on the electoral roll. If you are not enrolled you cannot vote.
  15. An enrolment exists when a person has been admitted to an award course, non-award course, enabling course or cross-institution program and the person is still enrolled at the census date. This is referred to as a course or award enrolment. The term can also be applied to units. ...
  16. Registering formally with the University and LCC in order to be issued your Student ID card, which enables you to gain access to the campus and facilities.
  17. The process whereby a student is allocated a place in one or more subjects each session. It includes the payment of appropriate fees, completion of required documents and the signing of an agreement to abide by the By-law, regulations and rules of the University.
  18. This is where a student informs the University which units they want to study in a particular study period (e.g. first half-year, second half-year). Enrolment is generally undertaken online directly by the student, although some students might need to attend the University to enrol. ...
  19. the annual procedure by which it is confirmed that students have progressed adequately, confirmed their mode of study and have made arrangements for the payment of fees for that academic year.
  20. when an agreement is made that the college will provide a place to a student on a particular course or courses this is an enrolment.
  21. The process whereby a Client enlists to make use of the online Services.
  22. Schools must admit pupils up to the number they admitted in 1979 - 1980, or the year immediately preceding. In force from the Education Reform Act 1988 (now consolidated in the 1996 Education Act). See also Open Enrolment, Parental Choice.
  23. the entering of an agreement or transaction into the records of a court.
  24. The process of collecting biometric sample(s) from a person, and the subsequent preparation and storage of reference template(s) and associated data representing that person's identity.