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enrols, 3rd person singular present; enrolls, 3rd person singular present; enrolled, past participle; enrolled, past tense; enrolling, present participle;
  1. Officially register as a member of an institution or a student on a course
    • - he enrolled in drama school
  2. Register (someone) as a member or student
    • - the school enrolls approximately 1,000 students
  3. Recruit (someone) to perform a service
    • - a campaign to enroll more foster carers
  4. Enter (a deed or other document) among the rolls of a court of justice

  5. Write the name of (someone) on a list or register

  1. register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members"
  2. (enrollment) registration: the act of enrolling
  3. To enter (a name) in a register, roll or list; To enlist (someone) or make (someone) a member of; To enlist oneself (in something) or become a member (of something)
  4. (Enrolled) A bill is an enrolled bill if it was amended in the opposite chamber.
  5. (Enrolled) A status indicating a Medicaid provider or payee has gone through the process of submitting paperwork to the Provider Participation Unit and been reviewed and approved.
  6. (Enrolled) Student is registered at BVC and attending classes
  7. (Enrolled) The learner has completed the intake process, has a goal entered, and has completed a pre-test for entry into the program. The learner may or may not have 12 or more instructional hours.
  8. (Enrolled) The status of a student who has met either of the following requirements: Completed the registration requirements (except for the payment of tuition and fees) at the school the student is attending. ...
  9. (Enrolled) These are students who have scheduled classes and/or are currently taking courses.
  10. (Enrolled) you have been recorded as registered with a university or college.
  11. (Enrolling) The process of collecting biometric data from the individual, which is later, processed and stored as a template.
  12. (ENROLLING) The act of signing up participants into a study. Generally this process involves evaluating a participant with respect to the eligibility criteria of the study and going through the informed consent process.
  13. (Enrolling) Preparing a bill in the final form that it passes the Legislature.
  14. (Enrolling) The process of being formally admitted to a specific course
  15. (Enrollment) Initial process whereby new individuals apply and are accepted as members of a prepayment plan. The total number of covered persons in a health plan. ...
  16. (Enrollment) The total number of covered persons in a health plan. Also refers to the process by which a health plan enrolls groups and individuals for membership or the number of enrollees who sign up in any one group.
  17. (Enrollment) This is the procedure by which students initially choose classes. It also includes the assessment and collection of fees. Pre-enrollment is the method by which students select courses well in advance of the official enrollment date of the next term.
  18. (Enrollment) Students enrolled in courses on the census date for the reporting term.
  19. (Enrollment) The total number of students registered to attend a given school.
  20. (Enrollment) A bill that has been passed by both the House and Senate and has been put in final form to be presented to the governor for his signature.
  21. (Enrollment) The process of signing up and paying for courses. See also registration.
  22. (Enrollment) for undergraduate students full-time enrollment is 12 credit hours, half-time enrollment is 6 credit hours. For graduate students full-time enrollment is 9 credit hours, half-time enrollment is 5 credit hours.
  23. (Enrollment) the process of an applicant applying for a Certificate.
  24. Enrollment occurs when the child has been determined eligible for services; the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) has been completed, signed, and dated by the interdisciplinary team.
  25. (Enrollment) The processing of a bill (or joint resolution), incorporating all amendments, if any, when a bill passes both houses of the General Assembly. The enrolled bill is the document that is signed by both presiding officers and is then sent to the Governor.