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  1. Enabling is a term with a double meaning. From the page on 'enabling', by Eli H. Newberger, M.D., referenced by that web page to The Men They Will Become ch.18 "Enabling".
  2. One who helps something to happen; One who encourages a bad habit in another (typically drug addiction) by his or her behaviour; One who gives someone else the power to behave in a certain way
  3. Like your dysfunctional family, business is full of enablers - things that enable something else, often of a self-destructive nature. For instance, were you aware that "Total Facilities Management is a Core Business Enabler"? Weird, I wasn't either.
  4. A person or organisation that allows other people to do things themselves instead of doing things for them.
  5. Family member or significant person in an alcoholic's or drug addict's life that contributes to the afflicted person's continued use and abuse of the substance. Examples of enabling include making excuses for the afflicted person and/or supplying the person with the alcohol or drug.
  6. A resource that is utilised (not transformed) by a business process. Each resource can be re-used or utilised across many business processes.
  7. A person who consciously or unconsciously provides support for continued drinking or drug use by someone who is addicted. Obvious examples of enabling include or drinking with an alcoholic; making excuses or providing funds. ...
  8. One who tries to “help” the addicted person in such a way that it actually allows him or her to avoid the consequences of addictive behavior and continue to use.  Enablers can be family, friends, employers, attorneys, etc.