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Fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing,
  1. Fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing
    • - an eloquent speech
  2. Clearly expressing or indicating something
    • - the touches of fatherliness are eloquent of the real man

  1. expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively; "able to dazzle with his facile tongue"; "silver speech"
  2. (eloquently) with eloquence; "he expressed his ideas eloquently"
  3. (eloquently) articulately: in an articulate manner; "he argued articulately for his plan"
  4. (eloquence) powerful and effective language; "his eloquence attracted a large congregation"; "fluency in spoken and written English is essential"; "his oily smoothness concealed his guilt from the police"
  5. Eloquence (from Latin eloquentia) is fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking. It is primarily the power of expressing strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, thereby producing conviction or persuasion. The term is also used for writing in a fluent style.
  6. fluently persuasive and articulate; effective in expressing meaning by speech
  7. (eloquence) The quality of artistry and persuasiveness in speech or writing
  8. (Eloquence) the art of orally persuading fools that white is the color that it appears to be. It includes the gift of making any color appear white.
  9. (ELOQUENCE) The Arabic word al-Bayan, , which is defined in the Ghiyasu 'l-Lughah as speaking fluently and eloquently, occurs once in the Qur'an, Surah lv 3: 'He created man: he hath taught him distinct speech. ...
  10. (eloquence) the practice or art of using language with fluency and aptness
  11. (adj.) expressive, articulate, moving (The best man gave such an eloquent speech that most guests were crying.)
  12. If you think you are eloquent of speech in your dreams, there will be pleasant news for you concerning one in whose interest you are working. To fail in impressing others with your eloquence, there will be much disorder in your affairs.
  13. Fluent, forceful, graceful and persuasive speech or writing.
  14. Skillful in the use of words.
  15. vividly or movingly expressive