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  1. the quality or state of being eligible; "eligibility of a candidate for office"; "eligibility for a loan"
  2. (eligible) qualified for or allowed or worthy of being chosen; "eligible to run for office"; "eligible for retirement benefits"; "an eligible bachelor"
  3. (eligible) One who is eligible; suitable; meeting the conditions; worthy of being chosen
  4. (Eligible) qualified to start in a race, according to conditions.
  5. (Eligible) Meeting the stipulated requirements, as to participate or qualify.
  6. (Eligible) Provisions contained in each health benefits plan that specify who qualifies for coverage under that plan.
  7. (Eligible) A person who meets requirements for coverage.
  8. (Eligible) A term that describes the state of an order. In this state an order may be edited to remove items, add items or have any other element changed.
  9. (Eligible) An individual who has successfully completed an examination and is available for appointment to a certain class.
  10. (Eligible) Any individual determined by the CRS Medical Director or his or her designee to have a CRS covered condition, and meets residency, age, and citizenship requirements.
  11. (Eligible) Capable of being selected.
  12. (Eligible) Meeting the minimum requisite qualifications to be considered for the provision of services or entry into a position under a funded program or as required by law.
  13. (Eligible) Meets OEBB rules for participation in benefits.
  14. (Eligible) Receiver: An offensive player who is permitted by the rules to catch a forward pass.
  15. (Eligible) Refers to properties that meet the National Park Service Criteria for eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.
  16. (Eligible) Skaters who earn money only from ISU-approved competitions and exhibitions. Only eligible skaters may compete in the Olympic Games.
  17. (Eligible) When claimant meets state standards to receive weekly benefits.
  18. (Eligible) means that a request for external review meets the requirements defined in 105 CMR 128.404 and 128.405. A request for review must:
  19. (eligible) Passing previous screening steps (said of investments). More precisely, an investment is said to be eligible at step0 if it is liquid and open for purchase on the current trading date; an investment is said to be eligible at stepn+1 if it passed stepn. ...
  20. (eligible) Qualified; suitable; desirable to choose.
  21. (eligible) adj (able to be chosen or elected) elekteblaJW; (desirable) dezirindaJW, (worthy of being chosen) elektinda; (allowed) rajtaJW, rajtigitaKr, eligible to vote voĉdonrajtaJW,PIV, balotrajtaKr, elektorajtaKr, eligible for benefit rajtigita ricevi subtenonKr; (permissible) allaseblaJW,PIV ...
  22. Eligible means that you meet certain requirements, usually in relation to concessions or exemptions.
  23. [BSG] Eligible for multiprogramming. The various scheduling algorithms over the course of time controlled which processes become "eligible" based upon their time since last interaction, approximate working sets, membership in load control groups, and the like. ...
  24. A telephone line is said to be "eligible" for ADSL when the technical characteristics of the line in terms of signal loss are such that xDSL type technologies can be used. The length and diameter of the copper pairs (local loop) are the main parameters determining eligibility. ...
  25. The countries, or parties, which wish to use the Kyoto mechanisms will have to fulfil certain requirements to be eligible. These were determined at the Marrakesh meeting in November 2001 (CoP 7).