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Pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner,
  1. Pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner
    • - she will look elegant in black
    • - an elegant, comfortable house
  2. (of a scientific theory or solution to a problem) Pleasingly ingenious and simple
    • - the grand unified theory is compact and elegant in mathematical terms

  1. refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style; "elegant handwriting"; "an elegant dark suit"; "she was elegant to her fingertips"; "small churches with elegant white spires"; "an elegant mathematical solution--simple and precise and lucid"
  2. suggesting taste, ease, and wealth
  3. (elegantly) with elegance; in a tastefully elegant manner; "the room was elegantly decorated"
  4. (elegance) a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste; "she conveys an aura of elegance and gentility"
  5. (elegance) a quality of neatness and ingenious simplicity in the solution of a problem (especially in science or mathematics); "the simplicity and elegance of his invention"
  6. Elegance is the attribute of being unusually effective and simple. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness, particularly in the areas of visual design and decoration. Elegant things exhibit refined and dignified propriety.
  7. (Elegance (mathematics)) Many mathematicians derive aesthetic pleasure from their work, and from mathematics in general. They express this pleasure by describing mathematics (or, at least, some aspect of mathematics) as beautiful. ...
  8. (The Elegants) The Elegants is an American doo-wop vocal group, that was started in 1958 by Vito Picone, Arthur Venosa, Frank Tardogano, Carmen Romano and James Mochella in South Beach, Staten Island, New York. ...
  9. Characterised by or exhibiting elegance; Characterised by minimalism and intuitiveness while preserving exactness and precision
  10. (Elegance) An attribute of wines that express themselves in a fine or delicate manner as opposed to an intense or forceful way,
  11. In NLP elegance describes the performance of a particular pattern in a streamlined, efficient, and natural way. Elegance denotes the minimum activity that is necessary and sufficient to produce the desired outcome with acceptable and ecological consequences. ...
  12. (ELEGANCE) Aromatic, Beauty, Culture, Fragrance, Grace, Loveliness, Style, Society, Sophistication, Symmetry.
  13. (Elegance) A complimentary term to describe wine that has class, breeding, finesse and style.
  14. (Elegance) A well balanced, full wine with pleasant, distinct character
  15. (Elegance) Privilege, Privilege Plus
  16. (Elegance) Suggests a wine of a certain delicacy and grace as opposed to power and intensity.
  17. (Elegancy) Words and phrases which appear to be more elegant than terms they displace.
  18. Used to describe wines of grace, balance and beauty.
  19. Refined character, distinguished quality, stylish, not heavy.
  20. What to say when there is great balance and grace in the wine, but you can't quite find apt words of description. Almost a synonym for "breed".
  21. Although more white wines than red are described as being elegant, lighter-styled, graceful, balance red wines can be elegant.
  22. Having complexity and finesse without being aggressive or heavy.
  23. The Berkey Light is made of durable Lexan, the same material used to make bullet-proof glass, which makes it durable, rugged, and yet attractive and pleasing to the eye.
  24. The Berkey is made of durable, high-grade polished stainless steel. Its attractive, high quality design makes it a beautiful addition to your kitchen and home.
  25. Of exceptionally high quality and distinction, harmoniously balanced and with all virtues intact; possessing a certain lightness and flair.